What can I do if my video is buffering or I see a spinning circle?

When troubleshooting streaming or rebuffering issues DAZN finds that it is often due to poor connectivity with your home network. Below are a few suggestions on how to improve your overall streaming experience.
  1. Try another event and see if it works
  2. Please go to http://www.fast.com and check that your internet connection speed meets our minimum requirements.
  3. If possible, connect your device with an ethernet cable to your router or modem
  4. Reduce the number of devices using your wi-fi network
  5. Restart your modem and/or router
  6. Confirm that other streaming apps are working
  7. Confirm the latest operating system is installed
  8. Uninstall and reinstall the DAZN app
  9. Restart your device
Additional steps for your web browser:
  1. Delete cookies and cache
  2. Try a different web browser
If you are still having problems, we suggest that you contact your internet service provider to discuss your home network connectivity to improve your streaming quality while watching DAZN.

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