Floyd Mayweather goes the full distance against Don Moore in dominant display

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Floyd Mayweather Jr. impressed once again in his exhibition fight with Don Moore on Saturday night in Abu Dhabi.

The pair went the full eight rounds, but it was the former multi-weight world champion who dominated. 

After a 50-50 opening round, Mayweather got to work and toyed with his opponent. 

It was clear the 45-year-old boxing legend was having fun inside the ring, which even saw him talking to the ringside commentators and dancing with the ring card girl. But as the fight entered the latter stages, Mayweather wanted to put on a show for the crowd inside the Etihad Arena. 

Mayweather was finding success with numerous combinations and even floored Moore in the final round with a brutal left hook to the body, but that wasn't enough to stop the fight early. 

Find a round-by-analysis of the fight below. 


Mayweather dominates Moore

Both fighters went the full distance in what was a one-sided contest.

After an opening round where both Mayweather and Moore tried to work each other out, Mayweather stepped on the gas and increased the pressure through the following six and even knocked Moore down in the eighth. 

DAZN scored the fight 79-72 Mayweather. 

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 8

Moore feels the full wrath of Mayweather in the final round. 

A left hook to the body floored Moore, who met the referee's count. But he may have regretted that decision as Mayweather throws numerous combinations in an attempt to force the stoppage. 

10-8 Mayweather 

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 7

Mayweather unleashes a barrage of punches on Moore, but he refuses to go down. 

Just one round left, and it should be an exciting one. 

10-9 Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 6

An uppercut at the start of the round and a body shot at the end rocks Moore.

Mayweather then showboats to the crowd. 

10-9 Mayweather 

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 5

Mayweather begins to unload, landing multiple shots on Moore.

It's clear he wants to put on a show in Abu Dhabi.

10-9 Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 4

Moore tried to replicate Mayweather's style but is finding little success.

10-9 Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 3

Mayweather is enjoying himself in Abu Dhabi. 

The 45-year-old is playing with his opponent and is making easy work of Moore. 

10-9 Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 2

A busier round Mayweather who has worked out Moore's strategy. 

The former multi-weight world champion chased his opponent around the ring and showed off some of his reflexes, making him a boxing legend.

10-9 Mayweather

Mayweather vs. Moore; Round 1

A tame opening round in Abu Dhabi. A lot of touching gloves between the pair.

Moore 10-9

Mayweather vs. Moore is moments away

Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Don Moore are making their way to the ring ahead of tonight's main event.

The exhibition fight will be comprised of eight, two-minute rounds. 

Silva and Machado go the distance

Anderson Silva and Bruno Machado went the full eight rounds in their exhibition bout. 

Silva dominated throughout and even knocked down his opponent in round five. 



DAZN scored the bout 79-72 in Silva's favour. 

Silva and Machado finally entering the ring

After what seemed like a never ending wait, Anderson Silva and Bruno Machado are finally making their way to the ring. 

Still awaiting the chief support fight

The chief support, which sees Anderson Silva take on Bruno Machado, is set to get underway shortly. 

Good evening and welcome

Good evening and welcome to DAZN News' coverage of Floyd Mayweather's exhibition fight against Don Moore. 

The former multi-weight world champion is expected in the ring at approximately 10 p.m. BST / 5 p.m. ET. 

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