Should a third Mauricio Lara vs. Josh Warrington fight happen?

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Josh Warrington has gone on record with his desire for a third fight against Mauricio Lara, after their rematch earlier this month ended in a technical draw.

The bout was called off after Lara suffered a cut to his eyelid, prompting the fight doctor to refuse to allow the Mexican out for the third round.

Warrington later said he was "absolutely gutted" by the truncated nature of the fight, as he was unable to avenge his earlier loss to Lara. The 30-year-old Brit quickly raised the possibility of a third fight between the two men — an idea that has the backing of Eddie Hearn.

Speaking to the DAZN Boxing Show, the Matchroom boss said a third Lara-Warrington encounter may be something to consider.

"The show was great, the atmosphere was incredible, and we had a great two rounds, but I really feel like it would have been a tremendous fight [had it continued]," Hearn said. 

"I've never heard so many split opinions about what they saw in the first two rounds, but I quite liked what I saw."

Hearn admits he was initially unsure of Lara's team's motivation in the lead-up to the stoppage, but he quickly realized that there was something wrong when he saw the extent of the injury.

"The cut was horrific. I actually thought at first that the corner were trying to sort of get him out of the fight, but obviously that wasn't the case. 

"And when I looked over when I went over there, it was a horrendous cut."

Hearn said Warrington is eager to step into the ring with Lara again, but other considerations come into play before making such a decision.

"He wants to so badly. He was the one who insisted on that rematch straightaway. It just depends if he has another fight in between, you know, whether that's a tune-up or whether that's a major opportunity that presents itself," Hearn said.

"You guys would have seen the crowd there on Saturday. He's just got this unique following from his city. He's always wanting to fight in America. He texted last night and just said 'you know, [me] against [Leo] Santa Cruz in Vegas at the end of the year would be would be some night' — they'd bring 10,000 with, from Leeds right — but certainly for Josh Warrington he won't feel complete until he gets an opportunity to try and wipe that slate clean with Lara."

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