Vasiliy Lomachenko dazzles in dominating unanimous decision win over Richard Commey

Vasiliy Lomachenko (Mikey Williams/Top Rank via Getty Images)

Vasiliy Lomachenko dropped Richard Commey with a thud courtesy of a devastating left hook across the chin during the seventh round.

In a flash, he looked over to Commey's corner and implored them to stop the fight. They didn't, and Lomachenko kept bringing the pain, lasering and connecting on more clean punches Commey's way.

Again, Loma asked that Commey's corner end the fight. They refused.

Commey survived the round but was thoroughly outboxed as Lomachenko cruised to a dominating unanimous decision victory at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Saturday night. Judges scored it 119-108, 119-108 and 117-110, all in favor of the Ukrainian. DAZN News had it 119-108 for Lomachenko.

"I saw his situation," Lomachenko told ESPN following the bout. "It was very hard for him. That's why I said 'stop the fight.'"

The 33-year-old Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs) didn't get the stoppage but demoralized Commey with clean punching and connected on a whopping 58 percent of his power shots as well. Lomachenko's superior hand speed and footwork were on display the entire fight as he was always a step ahead to sting Commey with precise punching and spin him around to stifle him further as part of the overall boxing clinic.

The seventh-round knockdown was the punctuation in yet another brilliant performance from the former world champion, who went 2-0 this year after losing by unanimous decision to Teofimo Lopez back in October 2020.

When asked about a possible crack at new unified lightweight champion George Kambosos Jr., Lomachenko jumped at the idea.

"I need this chance," he said. "If God gives me this chance, I'll take it."

And that would include traveling to the champ's native Australia to scrap it out if need be.

"I'll go anywhere I need to fight him."

Kambosos watched as he took the time to salute Lomachenko on the win before reminding him that he defeated Lopez two weeks ago and that Loma couldn't.

Here's how the entire Lomachenko-Commey main card went.



Lomachenko wins lopsided unanimous decision

Judges score it 117-110, 119-108 and 119-108 all in favor of Vasiliy Lomachenko. A dominating performance.

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 12

Lomachenko's footwork has Commey completely getting spun around during the opening seconds. He bites down and fires away with power shots inside but Loma protects himself well from any significant damage. He goes back to peppering Commey with slicing punches. Lomachenko nails Commey with a right flush on the cheek and another. Commey fires back but to no avail. Lomachenko takes the final few seconds to just look at Commey. There's the bell ending a dominant performance from Lomachenko. (10-9 Lomachenko, 119-108 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 11

Lomachenko landing a right jab unanswered repeatedly while spinning him around only adding to his frustration. He has continuously been a step — or many — ahead. As that's said, Lomachenko connects on a multiple-punch combo. A left hook to the temple lands for Loma as well. He brushes Commey back against the ropes with a left hand to the body. Commey is showing plenty of heart but is thoroughly being outboxed. (10-9 Lomachenko, 109-99 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 10

Matrix-like movement from Lomachenko leads to another splintering three-punch combination. Commey connects on a right hand moments later but Lomachenko goes right back to the body and then upstairs with repeated lefts. Commey flashed some heavy hands there but Lomachenko still takes the round. (10-9 Lomachenko, 99-90 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 9

Commey shows he's still game, biting down and letting his hands go. Lomachenko leaves the phonebooth unscathed and he may be setting Commey up for a trap. A left to the body lands for Loma and he changes levels and connects up top as well. A big left hook lands for Lomachenko and he almost connects on another left, too. A left grazes Commey on the temple before Lomachenko splits his guard with a left-right combination to the face and head. (10-9 Lomachenko, 89-81 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 8

Lomachenko is lasering jabs at Commey, spinning him around and opening him up for more abuse. A lunging left hand lands during the waning seconds as Loma is dominating to the point where he can measure, time and blast away. (10-9 Lomachenko, 79-72 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 7

A left to the body brushes Commey back and he follows that with a left to the face for good measure. Crisp, short left hand drops Commey with a thud! Loma implores Commey's corner to stop the fight. They don't, Commey is back up gingerly. Loma peppers him with a few more shots and again looks over to Commey's corner and tells them to end the fight. Commey is absorbing plenty of punishment via stinging shots from Lomachenko but he somehow survives the round. Commey's trainer Andre Rozier tells his charge that if he keeps getting hurt like this that he'll stop the fight. (10-8 Lomachenko, 69-63 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 6

Lomachenko brushes Commey back with a left to the body in the opening seconds. A left-right combo to the body followed by a quick right upstairs for good measure from Loma. Interesting sequence there as Commey gets Lomachenko right where he wants him — inside — but Loma gets the better of the exchanges courtesy his quicker hands. Commey is a dangerous right-handed puncher but looks very stationary halfway through. (10-9 Lomachenko, 59-55 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 5

Inside toughness from Lomachenko, who connects on a left hook as Commey is pushing him away. The hand speed and footwork from Lomachenko are on full display as he peppers Commey with a right-left-right all to the body. Plus, he frustrates Commey on the other end, ducking out of harm's way. (10-9 Lomachenko, 49-46 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 4

Three-punch combo from Lomachenko but Commey stands up to it and lands some power shots inside. That's what he has to do to have a shot to win. Lomachenko with an uppercut. He's circling Commey with ease and investing to the body and it's already weakening Commey. (10-9 Lomachenko, 39-37 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 3

Just when Commey looks to be getting in a groove with his jab and power shots behind it, Lomachenko stings him with a three-punch combination. He then lands the punch of the round by ducking under a shot from Commey and blasting him with a left-right on the chin. (10-9 Lomachenko, 29-28 Lomachenko)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 2

Both men land shots inside as the bout intensifies. Loma works his angles, blasting Commey with a left to the body and another left upstairs. Commey steps in closer and connects inside. Commey slightly buckles Lomachenko's knees with a shot right on the chin, but the former unified lightweight champ is fine and changes levels with ease to connect with quick shots himself. During the waning seconds, Lomachenko blasts Commey with a left to the body and another left flush to the face to brush him back. Loma then tells Commey to go to his corner, flashing a bit of showmanship.

(10-9 Lomachenko, 19-19)

Lomachenko vs. Commey; Round 1

Lomachenko downloading information, gathering intel. He pumps a right jab and buries a left to the body. Moments later, Loma tries to spin Commey around but Commey spins with him and makes the Ukrainian pay with a right to the temple. He follows that with a body shot. Lomachenko connects on a left through Commey's guard to end the round. Loma connects on more punches in the round but Commey had better impact with his output. (10-9 Commey)

Commey and Lomachenko make their ring walks

Commey out first and Loma follows.

Both men are in the ring and are about to be formally introduced for this lightweight tilt.

Fury on Oleksandr Usyk

"He's only a little tiny boy," says Fury about the unified world heavyweight champ. "I'll run that little b—h over. You're messing with a big dog here."

Main event time

Lomachenko and Commey are two former world champions yearning to inch closer to a title shot. A win tonight would do that for either man in 2022. We're moments away from the main event.

Tyson Fury is in the house

The WBC and lineal world heavyweight champion enters the ring and leads the MSG crowd in singing Happy Birthday to Bob Arum, who turned 90 earlier this week.

Pure power from Jared Anderson

Anderson pressed Teslenko from the opening round with thudding body shots and crashing punches upstairs. Then, the end came in the second round when Anderson fired a left jab right up the middle and wrapped a punctuating right hook to the temple to crumble Teslenko.

The Ukrainian made it to his feet but stumbled backwards and clearly couldn't continue, as Anderson recorded the second-round TKO. Make it 11-0 with 11 knockouts for "Big Baby."

Co-main eventer Jared Anderson is here to put on a show

Gotta love it with the heavyweight bringing it like this.

Let hip-hop legend J Prince tell it:

The undefeated Anderson (10-0, 10 KOs) takes on Oleksandr Teslenko next.

Super impressive second-round TKO for Davis

"The Businessman" indeed! Davis launched a devastating right uppercut up the middle before going to the body with vicious shots to score his first knockdown of Zaragoza in the second round. He followed that up seconds later by blasting Zaragoza with a mean liver punch for the knockout.

This kid is a problem. The Olympic silver medalist made his first fight on ESPN and Madison Square Garden debut count and he did it with WBO welterweight champion Terence Crawford by his side. Special night.

"I want to move as smart as possible, so if that means moving fast, let's go!" Davis told ESPN following his victory.

"I want to take it to the highest limit."

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