Jermall Charlo wins tougher than expected fight over Juan Macias Montiel; calls out Canelo and GGG

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Many boxing pundits felt Jermall Charlo would walk through Juan Macias Montiel on Saturday.

Montiel fought tougher than expected to make it entertaining, but Charlo's power and precision proved to be too much as he won via unanimous decision (120-108, 119-109 and 118-109) to retain the WBC middleweight title at the Toyota Center in Charlo's hometown of Houston. DAZN News scored the fight 117-111 for Charlo.

“It takes a real warrior to get into the ring with me," Charlo said during his post-fight interview. "I can tell in his eyes he’s a true warrior from the beginning. He wanted to fight."

Charlo came right out and established the power jab to let Montiel know he wasn't going waltz right in and attempt a knockout. Once Charlo got the jab going, he started to find a home with the left hand and the straight right that began to take effect as the rounds went on. 

It looked to be the beginning of the end in the fifth round, when Charlo connected on a sharp right hand that staggered Montiel for a moment. Charlo smelled blood and unloaded a barrage of lefts and rights in the corner. Somehow, Montiel escaped the corner and landed a left.

Then, in the sixth round, Charlo continued the onslaught. A right hand staggered Montiel again. Charlo unloaded the kitchen sink, but Montiel told him to bring it on, though he was unsteady on his feet. Charlo blasted two right hands, which bounced off Montiel's face. Charlo uncorked a five-punch combination and a sharp left hook late in the round. It only appeared to be a matter of time before he'd stop Montiel.

But to Montiel's (22-5-2, 22 KOs) credit, the native of Mexico fought valiantly. He continued to come forward and kept firing away. He even caused a cut over Charlo's eye in the eighth round and hurt Charlo in the 11th round with a body shot. But Charlo always had an answer with one power shot after another to let Montiel know there are levels that he wouldn't reach on this evening. 

Charlo remains undefeated in 32 fights (32-0, 22 KOs). Now, the question is, who's next? 

The list of possible opponents includes IBF middleweight champion Gennadiy Golovkin, WBA titlist Ryota Murata, WBO titleholder Demetrius Andrade, and unified super-middleweight champion Canelo Alvarez. Golovkin looks to be on track to face Murata, and Alvarez is poised to meet Caleb Plant to determine the first-ever four-belt 168-pound champion. Yet, Charlo still called out two of the premier names in boxing.

"160 is my weight division, Charlo said. "I want to unify. I want to get Golovkin in the ring. I want to bring him to Houston. I want to get Canelo out here to Houston. If they are willing to come down to 160, this is my weight division. I’m going to stay here. I’m going to reign at 160. This is my fourth title, and I got many more to go. I’m young. I’m hungry. I’m ready."

"Golovkin is about to unify, so maybe we can fight for all those belts he’s going to get, or I’ll fight the winner," Charlo continued on if it's realistic that he'll fight Golovkin."

Here is what happened at Jermall Charlo vs. Juan Macias Montiel.



Jermall Charlo retains WBC title over Juan Macias Montiel

Charlo def. Montiel via unanimous decison (120-108, 119-109, 118-109) to retain the WBC middleweight title. 

Charlo-Montiel; Round 12

A one-two for Charlo. Montiel is coming forward but Charlo lands a left uppercut. A straight right for Charlo. Two rights for Montiel. Charlo counters with a straight right. A right for Montiel. A right cross for Montiel. A left for Montiel A straight right for Charlo. An uppercut for Montiel. A right from Charlo. A combination by Charlo. A straight right from Charlo. Another combination by Charlo. (10-9 Charlo, 117-111 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 11

Charlo is out firing and then settles in with three snapping left jabs. Another power left jab for Charlo. Sharp jab for Charlo. An uppercut and left to the body for Montiel hurt Charlo. Another left for Montiel. An uppercut for Charlo. Charlo is exhausted. A left to the body and a left uppercut for Montiel. A right lands for Charlo. (10-9 Montiel, 107-102 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 10

A left and right by Montiel. A one-two combination through the guard by Charlo. A right connects for Charlo. A left hook by Montiel. A left hook to the body from Charlo. A straight left from Montiel. A right from Montiel. Two hard rights for Charlo. A right cross from Montiel. A right to the body for Charlo. A left by Charlo and a hard right at the end of the round for the champion. (10-9 Charlo, 98-92 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 9

Charlo has a cut on his right eye. An exchange of uppercuts. A right snaps Charlo's head back. A right hand lands for Charlo. A left uppercut for Montiel. A four-punch combination for Montiel. A right hand for Montiel. A right down the middle that Montiel walks through. A left for Charlo. A body shot by Montiel. (10-9 Montiel, 88-83 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiiel; Round 8

A right hand snaps Montiel's head back. A left uppercut by Charlo. A left to the body from Montiel. A one-two from Charlo. A left uppercut and then a right uppercut finds a home for Montiel. A left hand then an uppercut lands for Montiel. A right hand from Montiel and then Charlo fires back with an uppercut. Another left connects for Montiel. (10-9 Montiel, 79-73 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 7

A jab and a left hook to the body for Charlo. A left from Montiel. Another left by Charlo. A straight right gets through for Charlo. (10-9 Charlo, 70-63 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 6

Three straight jabs by Charlo. A right hand staggers Montiel yet again. Charlo is unloading the kitchen sink. Montiel tells him to bring it on. Montiel is unsteady on his feet. Two right hands bounce off Montiel's face. Montiel comes back with two left hands. A left to the body from Montiel. A five-punch combination by Charlo. A sharp left hook by Charlo at the end of the round. Montiel is saved by the bell. Looks to be a matter of time. (10-9 Charlo, 60-54 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 5

Left splits the guard for Charlo. A right hand staggers Montiel for a moment. Charlo smells blood and unloads a barrage of lefts and lefts in the corner. Montiel escapes the corner with a left. A couple of left hands find the target for Charlo. (10-9 Charlo, 50-45 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 4

A combination from Charlo. They exchange left hands. A left to the body by Montiel. Crisp left knocks the sweat off of Montiel. A left hook from Charlo. Combinations by Charlo are finding a home. A left uppercut followed by a left to the body from Montiel. Another one-two splits the guard for Charlo. (10-9 Charlo, 40-36 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 3

A one-two from Charlo. A right hand lands by Charlo and catches Montiel's attention. A left hook and uppercut lands for Montiel. Charlo comes back with a right and a left of his own. Montiel lands a right hand. A counter uppercut by Charlo. A left to the body from Charlo. A straight right snaps Charlo's head back. Best round of the fight so far. (10-9 Charlo, 30-27 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 2

Charlo digs a right hand to the body. Right back with a double jab for Charlo. Montiel staying in the southpaw stance for the entire second round thus far as Charlo continues to stalk him. Montiel winding the left hand up but doing nothing with it. The crowd is letting Montiel know they don't appreciate the antics. Another right to the body for Charlo. A sharp double jab by Charlo. Montiel swings and misses while Charlo lands a left. (10-9 Charlo, 20-18 Charlo)

Charlo-Montiel; Round 1

Charlo comes out firing the jab. Montiel switches to the southpaw stance. Not much action. Charlo is pumping the jab and keeping Montiel against the ropes. A left hand by Charlo and Montiel comes back with a left hook. (10-9 Charlo)

Main event time

It's time for the main event as Jermall Charlo (31-0, 22 KOs) puts the WBC middleweight title on the line against Juan Macias Montiel (22-4-2, 22 KOs). Can Montiel pull off a shocker in Charlo's hometown?



Issac Cruz continues his unbeaten streak over Francisco Vargas

Cruz def. Vargas via unanimous decision (100-89, 99-90, 97-92). Pretty dominant performance from Cruz. He landed the harder, crisper and dominated from start-to-finish. The fight should have been stopped. A more experienced referee would have waved it off. Cruz runs his unbeaten streak to 18. Definitely someone to watch out for at 135 pounds.

Down goes Vargas

Cruz comes out firing but Vargas is right there with him. A right hand sends Vargas to the canvas. Why hasn't this been stopped? Vargas cannot see.


Vargas' right eye is practically closed shut. The referee stops the fight with 30 seconds remaining and takes Vargas to the ringside doctor. The referee tells him the fight should be stopped. The doctor looks up at the clock to see how much time is remaining. He lets Vargas continue. A horrible call as that fight should have been stopped.


Vargas inching himself closer into the fight

Vargas won the sixth round by landing a couple of hard uppercuts and being more active of the two.

Cruz in control at the halfway point

While the fight is exciting, Cruz has done a little more in each round to pull ahead. Cruz's shots are having more of an impact. Can Vargas turn it around?

Fun scrap by Cruz and Vargas

Cruz and Vargas are providing plenty of action through three rounds. Both guys are coming forward and not taking a back seat. Can they continue the pace?

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