Josh Taylor promises needle for Jack Catterall - 'He just isn't as good'

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Josh Taylor GettyImages

Josh Taylor has said that his respectful attitude to opponent Jack Catterall will inevitably be replaced by his famous ‘needle’ as the fight draws close.

Taylor will defend his undisputed status on February 26, with the 140lb fighter taking on his mandatory opponent in his first fight since securing the full set of super lightweight belts in 2021.

The Scottish fighter has been quick to praise Catterall in the months ahead of the fight but is known for goading his opponents as the date gets closer, and can be vicious in his put-downs, telling Jose Ramirez last year, “You don’t look well. You look dry as fuck,” before attempting a rapprochement as soon as the fight was concluded.

Taylor told Sky Sports: "I like to show respect. But it depends on how they act towards you.

"It is calm and relaxed - but there is time for the needle to come! And it will come.

"The closer the fight gets, it will come."

Taylor still had time to talk up his opponent, saying: "He's a good fighter, I've got a lot of respect for Jack.

"But he will come up short. He will taste his first defeat as a professional.

He's a good fighter. He just isn't as good as I am.

"It is a step up in class for him because he hasn't boxed at the level that I have. He is a talented fighter but he hasn't got what it takes to beat me."

Catterall however, is undaunted.

"I beat Josh by listening to instructions, doing the stuff that we've worked on since the very start of my career,” he said. “Using everything I've learned over the years, and executing it."

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