Devin Haney's father predicts 'dominating' performance against George Kambosos Jr.

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WBC world lightweight champion Devin Haney is en-route to Australia ahead of his fight with WBA, WBO and IBF champion George Kambosos Jr. for the undisputed title on June 4.

The 23-year-old however will not have his father Bill Haney by his side after encountering visa issues which has stopped him from travelling to Melbourne.

Haney has signed a two-fight deal with the Australian meaning regardless of the result, the pair will face each other in a rematch, and Haney's father is looking forward to two wins over the unified world lightweight champion. 

"As soon as Devin gets through dominating Kambosos, I don’t want them to get out of paying me twice," Bill Haney told The DAZN Boxing Show

"Don’t get out of it, don’t try and weasel out of it, and we’ll be back to put on another great performance in front of the Victorian government and that’s whether I’m there or not.

"Like I said, I put together the deal because I felt like Devin is the dominant fighter with George Kambosos.

"George Kambosos and his team came back and held it over my head and said ‘We’ve got to do it twice’, and I told them ‘That’s just as nice, we’re going to beat you once and then we’re going to beat you again.’"

If Haney does indeed get through two fights with Kambosos, his father will be looking to put together more historic fights with some of the biggest names in the sport. 

"We’ve always wanted to fight the best," Bill Haney stated. 

"If Top Rank has the fighters and those are the events people want to see, by all means we’re here.

"We’ve been looking for the challenge, we’ve been looking for the right fighters to make these events historic."

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