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Jake Paul has stinging words for Mike Tyson ahead of their July 20 fight

Jake Paul has stinging words for Mike Tyson ahead of their July 20 fightMVP
The Youtuber/boxer didn't mince words at all with this vow.

Even though Jake Paul is less than three months away from fighting Mike Tyson on July 20, the prospect of clashing with "The Baddest Man on the Planet" still seems strange to the YouTuber/boxer.

"It's very surreal. This is one of the biggest fights in history and I'm just honored to be a part of it with a dance partner like Mike Tyson," Paul told DAZN during the latest installment of his Most Valuable Promotions' Prospects card on Friday night. "I could have never dreamt of this. I'm humbled, I owe it all to my fans, my supporters."

While he's still in awe of the fight being made, that isn't stopping Paul from being supremely confident and issuing a severe caveat to Tyson.

"We just got here through hard work, taking risks and knocking people out and that's what I'm going to keep doing on July 20," Paul continued.

"Mikey, Uncle Mike, I love you, you're looking amazing, but there could only be one winner and I'm sorry but I gotta end you, brother."

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The sinister message to the 57-year-old Tyson wasn't the only missive that Paul made sure to deliver.

"This is just another fight to me," he vowed. "You don't want to overhype it. You don't want to take things too seriously."

Along those lines, Paul, 27, said he's having a good time making the climb to heavyweight.

"I'm moving up to heavyweight, I get to eat chicken marsala," Paul said with a smile. "I get to let the hair grow out, the belly grow out. I'm gaining weight so everything is on point, I'm ready to get this 'W.'"