Jake Paul hits Tommy Fury with 'termination notice' as he searches for new opponent

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JakePaul v TyronWoodley_1812

The Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury dispute will no longer be settled on August 6.  

After issuing an appeal for Fury to sort out issues relating to his ability to access America via the US Embassy, Paul has now handed his rival a ‘termination notice’ and he will now look for an alternative opponent to face when he returns to the ring next month.  

Last month, Fury made an effort to travel to America, but his journey was cut short at the earliest point as he was denied permission to travel.  

Recent interviews with those close to Fury’s team revealed that the unbeaten fighter had to visit the American Embassy to resolve the matter. With the matter still not sorted, the popular YouTuber is heading in a different direction. 

“Fury’s received a termination notice,” wrote Paul on his Twitter account.  

“MVP did everything it could 2 help him & team. He wasn’t interested & he literally went into hiding. 2nd time in a row he has pulled out. 2nd time in a row I’m going to step up & take on a new opponent on short notice. AUG 6. MSG.” 


As well as issuing his followers with an update the situation, Paul also offered $2000 to someone to retweet ‘#TommyFumbles.’ A moniker he handed to Fury early on in their rivalry. A new opponent for Paul is set to be unveiled soon. 

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