Kid Galahad stops Jazza Dickens to become world champion at Fight Camp

Kid Galahad

Kid Galahad's dream of becoming world champion was finally realized as he produced a stunning effort to defeat Jazza Dickens. The Sheffield man was in control for large portions of the bout and his industry was rewarded when Dickens was pulled out by his corner before the final session started. 

Like their first fight in 2013, Dickens made a great start and it looked like he was the fighter on top as he landed a number of eye-catching shots in the opening stages. That was as good as it got for the Liverpool man as Galahad figured him out in round two and didn’t surrender his advantage once on top. 

As the contest became harder for Dickens, Galahad grew in confidence as he found the target frequently. With each passing round, the strain of the contest was evident on Dickens’ face as a number of cuts and bruises showed just how dominant Galahad was. 

With Dickens seemingly miles behind on the scorecards and his injuries looking threatening, the decision was made to pull him out with three minutes remaining. This decision prompted wild celebrations from Galahad’s corner who were overjoyed with the result, which saw him become the Ingle gym’s latest world ruler. 

For a full recap on an eventful night at Fight Camp, please read below.


Dickens is pulled out by own corner before final round. Galahad is world champion

A sensible decision from Derry Mathews and Georgie Vaughan as they pull a battered and bruised Jazza Dickens out before the last round. A brilliant performance from Kid Galahad sees him become world champion at the second time of asking. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round 11

Dickens is doing all he can to stay in the fight but Galahad is just doing more. The Sheffield man has been superb for large portions and takes the 11th round. 10-9. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Ten

A point deduction for Galahad is the only sour point in a round where he was on top throughout. Dickens is giving it his best effort but it still isn't good enough. 9-9. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Nine

Galahad jab has been a brilliant weapon and it's on display throughout round nine. The Ingle Gym fighter is using the shot to his advantage and it's going to take something miraculous from Dickens to turn this around. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Eight

Not the cleanest round but it's one where Galahad does the better work. Messy throughout with plenty of holding, the Sheffield fighter did just enough to shade it as he kept his jab moving. 10-9 Galahad.

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Seven

A Dickens round and one that he needed. Not much happened in the seventh session but a couple of little attacks from the Liverpool man are enough to keep him in the fight. 10-9 Dickens. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Six

Dickens' face is beginning to look a mess as he falls even further behind. He's doing all he can to stay in the fight but Galahad is just that bit smarter and economic. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Five

This is the most focused that Galahad has ever looked. His jab is not allowing Dickens to settle and it's good enough to keep him in front. Dickens needs a big round to switch the momentum. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Four

Galahad looks like he's sticking to his gameplan and he's having plenty of success. His body work is impressive and that could be a factor in the later rounds. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Three

Another round for Galahad as he presses the entire session with some impressive volume. Dickens is getting in with the odd left hand but he needs to do more to win the rounds. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round Two

A decent response from Galahad who lands the round's cleaner work. A lot of skill involved from both men but it's Galahad who appears to be sticking to the plan more at this stage. 10-9 Galahad. 

Galahad vs. Dickens Round One

A fascinating opener is decided by Dickens' better work with the left hand. A clash of heads has opened a cut above Dickens' left eye but he's done enough to edge the opener. 10-9 Dickens.

Wardley destroys Webb in opening round

Fabio Wardley recorded the biggest win of his career as he bludgeoned Nick Webb in the first session. The latter had made a decent start to the round but a brief moment of carelessness allowed Wardley to make his impact. The Ipswich man hurt Webb and once he realized that, he threw as many punches as possible forcing the referee to halt the fight.

A live wedding proposal is next up

Alen Babic celebrates his victory by proposing to his partner. The brutality from a few moments ago is replaced by romance as she says "yes."

Babic grinds down brave Bennett

Mark Bennett's bravery and durability is not enough to see him hear the final bell as he's eventually stopped by Alen Babic. The entertaining Croatian had to endure a couple of rocky moments in the early rounds but his relentlessness saw him get on top after the second session. It was all one way traffic after that and after enduring a torrid fifth stanza, Bennett's corner did the right thing and pulled their man out.

Johnny Fisher marches on with another stoppage win

Johnny Fisher wasted no time in moving to 3-0 as he was far too powerful for Danny Whittaker. A dominant second round saw "The Romford Bill" drop Whittaker twice before the fight was stopped before any more damage could be done. Fisher is desperate for rounds but his heavy hands are preventing him from getting what he wants.

Bridges stops Connolly

Ebanie Bridges demonstrated her power with a brutal third round stoppage over Bec Connolly. Bridges found a superb right hand to floor the Swindon fighter and when a further attack followed once Connolly was back on her feet, the referee made a sensible intervention. A good win for Bridges who will now set her sights on a rematch with Shannon Courtenay. 

Fiaz moves past Baldospino to get action underway

Aqib Fiaz advanced his record to 7-0 as he defeated Kevin Baldospino on points. Fiaz was made to work hard and that was reflected in the 77-76 scorecard. Fiaz has another outing in September as he continues his ring education. 

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