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Rival UFC welterweight targets Colby Covington fight

Rival UFC welterweight targets Colby Covington fightDAZN

Colby Covington is days away from challenging UFC welterweight champion Leon Edwards for the title, but another ranked fighter is already hoping to be one of Covington's future opponents.

Gilbert Burns, speaking as a ambassador, is fourth in UFC's welterweight rankings, and he's got his eyes on Covington, who headlines UFC 296 on Dec. 16 against Edwards.

"That is a fight that I would absolutely love to do at some point in the future, I've visualised that fight so many times," Burns said of Covington.

"I think I can finish Colby Covington; either I can knock him out or I can choke him out.

"When I start pressuring and throwing a lot of hands on him he is going to feel it and he is going to try to wrestle me.

"If he does that, then we are going to grapple and once I get him on the floor then I believe that is my world and he will not want to be there.

"If the fight ends up there, then I am really confident I can get the submission victory, if I haven't already knocked him out by then."

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