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Watch Party: DAZN's newest feature allows viewers to watch live events together

Watch Party: DAZN's newest feature allows viewers to watch live events togetherDAZN
Watch Party allows groups of up to four DAZN subscribers to watch live events together in a video-chat setting. The feature synchronizes the DAZN stream for each of the participants so that everyone’s watching at the same point and no one gets any spoilers.

What is Watch Party?

With Watch Party, you can watch live events with your friends and family when you’re not together in person. You can use camera and audio to see and talk to your friends as the action unfolds. There’s also a chat function for you to message the group.

What can I watch?

You can watch any live event on DAZN. (Note that Watch Party works for live events only, not live channels.) The stream of the event will be synchronized to show at the same time for everyone, so no spoilers.

How many people can use Watch Party at the same time?

You can have up to four people watching the same event on a Watch Party.

What devices can I use Watch Party on?

You can watch it on your laptop or PC on

How does Watch Party work?

Step 1 – start the event

Find the live event you want to watch, and after clicking on the tile, the “Watch Party” button should be visible below the player.

watch party 1

Step 2 – join room

After clicking the “Watch Party” button the page will re-load, and you have the option to “Join Room.”

watch party 2

Step 3 – video and audio

After clicking “Join Room” you’ll see a message appear over the screen asking you to set your display name, audio and video settings. You’ll need to give your browser the permission to access your webcam and microphone.

watch party 3

Step 4 – invite a friend

If you hover over any of the other free spots you’ll get an option to “Invite a friend.” Click on this to display another modal message where you can copy the unique URL to your Watch Party, and share with your friends via email etc.

watch party 4

Step 5 – start watching

As your friends join you’ll see them appear across the bottom of the player. There’s space for up to four people per room.

There’s also a text chat facility down the right-hand side, into which you can insert a range of emojis and GIFs.

Tips for using Watch Party

  • Use the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge on your PC or laptop
  • Ensure your DAZN account has permission to watch the same DAZN stream as those you’re sharing the invite (typically this means you must be from the same DAZN territory)
  • Ensure everyone has their own DAZN account
  • Close/Quit other applications running on your machine, e.g. Microsoft Teams and Outlook
  • Use headphones to avoid the sound from the DAZN stream feeding back into your microphone