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Dimitar Berbatov on the Man Utd player who can now 'bully' defenders

Dimitar Berbatov on the Man Utd player who can now 'bully' defendersGetty Images
The Bulgarian is full of praise for the United man.

Dimitar Berbatov has said that Rasmus Hojlund now has the chance to ‘bully’ teams he comes up against.

The Manchester United forward has scored in six consecutive games and grabbed two in his last appearance in a 2-1 win at Luton Town.

He cuts an entirely different figure from the one who was struggling in the first half of the season after his big-money move from Atalanta, and the team look more dangerous after struggling with the Danish youngster’s form and problems with Antony and Marcus Rashford.

Speaking to Betfair, former United striker Berbatov explained that the change in confidence for Hojlund makes him more effective, and teams will now be wary of his talents.

He said: “Rasmus Hojlund scored another two goals at Luton, and his second goal was him showing quick judgement of the situation and him knowing exactly where the goal was. This is how good strikers need to react in the box.

“Was it a nice goal? Hell no. It was an ugly goal, but for a striker it doesn't matter. If it's in the back of the net then he's the happiest guy on the pitch. You need these types of goals sometimes to keep scoring. The confidence is booming for Hojlund and he thinks he can score from everywhere now.

“Hojlund has now scored in six consecutive Premier League games, which shows the form and mentality he has right now. I've never been big on statistics, but I think I had five or six consecutive games in the Bundesliga in which I scored, but I can't exactly remember. But even if I didn't, it didn't bother me. He just needs to treat the next game like the first, and go for seven.

“When you're full of confidence and you step on to the pitch, you feel different. The opposition know this, so the opposition are currently afraid of Hojlund.

“It gives Hojlund a chance to bully the opposition. On the other side of the coin, when that streak stops, this is the vital point to score in the game after that, because when you stop scoring after a hot streak then you can think, 'f—k, I didn't score'.

“You begin to think negatively, but he can't do that. Just concentrate on the next game and try to score then.”

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