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Five possible surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 40

Ash Rose
Five possible surprises that could happen at WrestleMania 40DAZN
WWE's showcase event takes place this weekend.

This weekend, WWE will host its biggest event of the year, WrestleMania, which is one of the most highly anticipated events in the company's history. 

Night one is headlined by the huge tag team bout, which sees Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins take on The Bloodline's Roman Reigns and The Rock before Rhodes and Reigns meet in the main event of night two for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

Across the two nights, there's bound to be plenty of talking points, so here are five possible surprises that could go down in Philadelphia. 

Chad proves his point

The build-up to Sami Zayn's attempt to dethrone Gunther has seen WWE tell a Rocky-like story for his date in Philly, and many expect Zayn to finally end the Austrian's record reign with the Intercontinental title. However, Sami did have his WrestleMania moment last year when he won the tag team titles, and given how prominent Chad Gable's role has been in this story, could it end in Gable going over the edge? After all, he wanted to be the one to beat Gunther, and that drive may just see him cost Zayn the win.

Team Extreme...again?

One of WrestleMania's greatest surprises was the return of the Hardy Boyz in 2017 when they were unannounced entrants for the tag team ladder match. Fast-forward to this year, and there's another tag team ladder affair going down for the Undisputed tag team titles. Matt Hardy has already been spotted at Monday Night Raw and has been making noises about another run with the company. Does that mean getting the cargos out one more time for Matt and Jeff? 

Punk's place 

If a tricep injury hadn't ruled CM Punk out of action for WrestleMania, he'd probably be getting ready to face Seth Rollins for his World Heavyweight Championship. Alas, it's now Drew McIntyre who'll be facing 'The Visionary', but the Scot has made quite the enemy out of Punk in doing so. So much so, that the Straight Edge star will be on commentary for the match, and you can bet there'll be some involvement. It's difficult to predict who will benefit, but there's also the threat of Damian Priest's briefcase, too, in which Punk could help facilitate whomever the champion is come Sunday night. 

GOATs unite 

There's no question Sunday night's main event is going to be an all-out war, especially if, as expected, it's contested under Bloodline rules. The odds will be stacked against Cody Rhodes, with all the members of the Bloodline set to get involved - including the Final Boss, The Rock. Who better to help Cody then, then a couple of greats in Stone Cold Steve Austin and John Cena? Both have had their WrestleMania issues with The Rock in the past and seeing as it's the 40th anniversary, it's only right that two of the best to ever do it make their mark.

F**k your story 

The majority of WWE fans heading to Philadelphia this weekend want to see one thing, Cody Rhodes finishing his story. It's been an eighteen-month wait to see the American Nightmare finally end Roman Reigns' all-conquering run and become a world champion, and now is the moment for him. But what if he doesn't win? Rhodes' defeat to Reigns at last year's WrestleMania sent shockwaves through the arena and beyond; surely WWE wouldn't do that again, would they? 

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