What is “Pause your account” and why is it better than cancelling?

What is pause?
If you want to cancel your subscription for the time being, but are looking to come back again in the future, Pause is a useful functionality for you. By setting up Pause, your account will become inactive at the end of your current subscription period, and then automatically activate on the day you want to restart. You will not be charged while your account is paused. 

When can I use this feature? 
  • This feature is only available for monthly subscribers
  • This feature is not available for annual subscribers
  • If you created an account directly on DAZN website and not through offers from our commercial partners
  • If you paid your subscription with a credit card, PayPal or DAZN Gift Card. if you use any other payment method, you are not able to pause your account

How do I pause?You can only pause your account on a web browser. On a web browser, please follow the steps below:
  1. Log in to your My Account page
  2. Click [Cancel subscription]
  3. Click [Pause]
Afterwards, you will be prompted to select your restart date. Your account can be paused for up to 4 months. You will receive a confirmation email from us once your [pause] is set.

Can I change / cancel my restart date?

You are able to change your restart date at any time by logging in to your My Account page. If you no longer wish to restart your account and just cancel your account, you can also do that from your My Account page. When your account is restarted your monthly subscription will be automatically reactivated. Alternatively you can cancel your account before your restart day and there will be no charge. Once you request to pause your account we will send you a confirmation email.

Please note that if you access DAZN content during the period your account is paused, your account is restarted and your monthly subscription will be automatically reactivated.

If you would like to restart your account immediately, go to our main website and sign in with your credential. You will be asked if you want to restart now, and if you click yes, your account will become active immediately.

Why can’t I pause my account now?
Since you have already paid for your current month, we want to allow you access DAZN for the rest of the month. If you set up your [pause] today, your account will stay active until your current subscription period finishes.

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