Mario Cazares: I'll knock the freckles off Canelo

canelo-alvarez-080219-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

Mario Cazares has said he is interested in “knocking the freckles off” Canelo Alverez.

Cazeres defeated Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. under controversial circumstances on Friday night last week.

Chavez claimed that his opponent had headbutted him to cause a cut over his left eye, and the referee took the fighter at his word.

The fight was stopped and went to the scorecards at Round 6, which gave Cazares a unanimous technical victory in Tijuana, Mexico.

Cazares (12-0, 5 KOs) is ready to move onto another fight after starting his career in 2015 at the age of 25, and wants to use the win to progress his career. 

He has used the publicity to challenge Alvarez to a rematch in the professional ranks. Cazeres and Canelo met in 2004 in the National Olympiad in Mexico with Cazares having his hand raised in victory. Cazares is now offering one of boxing's biggest stars the opportunity to get his revenge.

"Canelo, I left you crying once, now I'm going to put you asleep," Cazares goaded.

"I'm going to knock off his freckles, they're going to be scattered in the ring and I'm going to tell a janitor to lend a dustpan to his coach, Eddy Reynoso, to pick up the freckles.

"I am a natural 168 pounder, but with Canelo we would fight in whatever division that he wants. I am not going to put conditions because whatever weight it is, we are going to beat him. I am interested in knocking off the freckles on Canelo and that Reynoso will pick them up."

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