Teofimo Lopez Jr. tells George Kambosos Jr.: I’d put you on a f—ing stretcher

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Teofimo Lopez Jr. and George Kambosos Jr. had to be separated at a press conference as they announced their June 5 fight.

The date was confirmed after Triller had secured the rights to watch the unified lightweight champion take on his IBF challenger.

Both boxers shared a stage as they prepared to take questions from the press, but started goading one another.

Kamboso believes that a win would make him the best boxer Australia has produced.

“Definitely, this will put me as the greatest ever in Australian boxing,” he said. “My focus has been this kid and taking his belts.”

“I feel like this is owed to me. I’ve come from the local shows, a handful of people in Sydney, Australia. I’ve gone all around the world, gone into the backyards of former champions. I’m going into the backyard of the undisputed champion right now,” Kambosos continued.

“I’m ready, man. I’ve been through it all. I haven’t had no one pushing me. I haven’t had no big platform. I’ve had that underdog mentality a long time, and I’m the underdog again. He is the favorite, but when he’s been the underdog, he’s performed. When he’s been the favorite, he hasn’t performed. The pressure is on him.”

Lopez stated that he would not take his eye off Kambosos, despite being linked with bigger fights.

“This is someone that’s in front of me, he’s in my way at the moment,” he said. “I gotta move him to the side and move to the guys everyone wants to see me fight next.”

Lopez claimed, “I’ve been in the big leagues. I’ve been in with guys who have the experience. But I don’t overlook nobody that I face. I’m only getting better. The Lomachenko fight helped me a lot. I have more things in my arsenal that this guy’s not gonna see coming.”

Lopez then raised the temperatures by telling Kambosos that, “You’re lucky we’re not fighting today. In reality I’d put you on a f—ing stretcher.”

Which led Kambosos to retort that the champion, “Wouldn’t even make weight.”

At that point Lopez removed his shirt to demonstrate his physique before the pair of them squared up and had to be separated by the press conference MC and another member of staff.

Lopez continued: “You’re going to be a f—ing example about why I’m going to put everybody on they a— and I’m going to put my foot up your neck, my dude.”

Before they returned to their seats, the Australian fighter told Lopez that: “I’m taking all your belts, all your belts.”

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