Tyson Fury has the power to KO Anthony Joshua, insists his sparring partner

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Tyson Fury-Anthony-Joshua-Andy Ruiz-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

With Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury's four-belt heavyweight unification fight seemingly closing in on a formal date and venue, debate over who will win the superfight has once again heated up on social media.

One of the biggest talking points, as is always the case with a Fury fight, is whether or not he is capable of KOing 'AJ' in the same manner that Andy Ruiz Jr. did in a huge upset in 2019.

Fury's career finishes thus far, including the impressive stoppage of previously-unbeaten Deontay Wilder in his most recent outing back in February of 2020, indicate that he is far more capable of grinding down opponents and punching them into checkmate than he is of wiping out fighters with one shot.

However one of the current WBC champion's recent sparring partners believes Fury really does have the jackpot punch in his locker.

Aleksandar Mraovic, known as "The Austrian Bull", is set to join Joshua and Fury in the professional heavyweight ranks later this year. the 24-year-old has been working with Fury's team ahead of the champ's return to action following what is likely to be an 18-month absence from the ring.

Mraovic told MyBettingSites.co.uk that he has seen the proof first-hand that we simply cannot rule out Fury dropping the WBA, WBO and IBF champion in Saudi Arabia in August and Joshua not answering the count of 10.

“This man is not of this world, he’s a different animal," said Mraovic. "He’s punching like a machine, I have never felt punches like that before from anybody. When we were sparring, he even showed me a little bit how he got the power and how he works on it. 

"His fists feel like rocks on you when he hits, it’s incredible. The power comes from how he punches and how he uses his weight. He’s in great condition; he never had a bodybuilder’s body but he moves like a real athlete.

"He did twenty rounds, no problem. We were all done after 12 rounds, we did a lot of body sparring and we were all dead. But Tyson kept on doing the heavy bag and pad work, he’s crazy. He does not know when to stop. 

"His movement is amazing and he wasn’t even fully fit at the time. He doesn't give up, that’s how we all know him. He doesn't give up; neither in life, neither in the ring, neither in the training. He never gives up. That was his first sparring after the Deontay Wilder fight. He is sick, he is crazy good.

“He played with me but it wasn’t a serious spar, nothing serious. Right now I would have no success against him, he’s too experienced.

“I think Joshua can’t win. I don’t think Joshua can survive 12 rounds because in this era Tyson is the king, no-one can beat him."

Mraovic went on to promise the fans they will enjoy seeing his own adventures in the pro game.

“I am the type of fighter everyone wants to see," he added. "I want to fight and you’ll see that on my debut. I want to fight and I'm a crazy guy. I will be very entertaining for the people.”

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