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Bundesliga | MD34

2. Bundesliga Highlights von BILDplus | MD34

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Underground of Berlin


Bundesliga Highlights - Matchday 34Bundesliga
Heiko Butscher after the defeat: "We'll get the point we need!"Bundesliga
Xabi Alonso was ready "for an intense game!"Bundesliga
Tuchel after last home game: "I started out to win as many titles as possible"Bundesliga
Hasenhüttl on the opening phase: "We weren't able to stop Bayern at all"Bundesliga
Lieberknecht after defeat: "We put in a disgraceful performance today"Bundesliga
Matarazzo after big win: "Every goal counts"Bundesliga
Bundesliga Highlights - Matchday 33Bundesliga
Thomas Tuchel – a farewell without flowersBundesliga
Thorup after narrow defeat: "A goal after a long ball is bitter, of course"Bundesliga
Hoeneß on possible championship runners-up title: "Now it's about something on the last matchday"Bundesliga
Schmidt dissatisfied: "We didn't take our chances well enough"Bundesliga
Henriksen proud of his team: "We were brave"Bundesliga
Toppmöller disappointed after defeat: "Brutal result"Bundesliga
Xabi Alonso happy: "I am very satisfied and grateful for everything"Bundesliga
Bijelica's thoughts after six games without a win: "We tried everything today"Bundesliga
Butscher euphoric & incredibly happy after away win: "Sick sh*t"Bundesliga
Bundesliga Highlights - Matchday 32Bundesliga
Rose doesn't "blame the boys" because of the lost points in HoffenheimBundesliga
"Done all, what I wanted to see": Matarazzo satisfied with the fight of his teamBundesliga
Union in relegation battle - and soon without Bjelica?Bundesliga
"Probably the last step" against relegation for Frank Schmidt and HeidenheimBundesliga
Torsten Lieberknecht: "We knew the day would come!"Bundesliga
Timo Schultz critical after draw: "In control of the game but point too little."Bundesliga
Bo Henriksen after a weak second half: "That's soccer!"Bundesliga
Nenad Bjelica after the game: "We were in control, but unfortunately we didn't score!"Bundesliga
Seoane on reserved foals: “Self-confidence and lightness were missing“Bundesliga
Bundesliga Highlights - Matchday 31Bundesliga
Matarazzo criticises his own team: "We let ourselves get too stressed"Bundesliga
Butscher's match plan works: "The team took the stadium with them"Bundesliga
The German Virgil van Dijk before the next step (Ep. 1 "Jona 99")Bundesliga
Tah thinks about his future: "I need something new" (Ep. 3 "Jona 99")Bundesliga