What are the most popular wrestling match types? What are the rules?

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As professional wrestling has evolved over the years, so have the match types. 

Often a match type can be selected to add an extra dramatic element to a storyline, but while there is what seems like an endless list, some are more popular than others. 

DAZN lists some of professional wrestling's most popular match types below. 

Pinfall match

This is by far the most regularly used match type whether it be on regular shows or during pay-per-view events.

As shown by the name, pinning your opponent is the way to win, but those competing can also be victorious by forcing their opponent to submit. 

Sometimes certain rules can be applied such as no count-outs and no disqualifications. 

Royal Rumble

A Royal Rumble is one of wrestling's most popular and exciting match types. 

This format sees 30 wrestlers compete, with two starting off the match before another wrestler enters during timed intervals. The only way to eliminate your opponent is by throwing them over the top of the rope. 

The winner is the last wrestler standing. 

Casket match

This was a common match type seen during the Undertaker's career and leaned into his 'Deadman' gimmick. 

The rules were simple, find a way to place your opponent inside a casket ringside and lock the lid. 

Steel Cage match 

A match which sees the ring surrounded by a steel cage. 

When this match type was initially introduced, the only to win was by escaping the cage, but sometimes winning by pinfall or submission was another way wrestlers could be victorious. 

Hell in a Cell

This match type is specific to WWE. 

Instead of just the ring surrounded by a cage, the ringside area is also enclosed within a huge steel structure. 

However, unlike a steel cage match where wrestlers could escape to win, the only way to win inside Hell in a Cell is by pinfall or submission, but wrestlers can utilise weapons as well as wrestle on the exterior areas of the cage such as the roof. 

Handicap match

This match sees a wrestler compete against one or a team of wrestlers with numerical superiority such as three against two or two against one. 

No disqualifcation match 

A wrestler cannot be disqualified in this type of match which allows for the use of weapons and outside interefence. 

Victory can only be achieved by pinfall or submission inside the ring. 

Tag team match 

A tag team match sees two teams of wrestlers compete. 

Regardless of how many wrestlers are in the team, only two can be inside the ring at any one time and switch positions by 'tagging' in their teammate. 

The most common way to come out on top is via pinfall or submission. 


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