Errol Spence Jr. targets Manny Pacquiao fight

Errol-Spence-081919-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

IBF and WBC welterweight belt holder Errol Spence Jr. is keen to set up a unification fight with WBA champion Manny Pacquiao.

For now, Spence is set to fight Danny Garcia in a mandatory title defense on Dec. 5, but that has not stopped the 30-year-old boxer looking to the future.

However, the Filipino fighter and politician appears to have his eyes on a match with UFC fighter Conor McGregor, signing to the same management company as the Irishman. That might mean that Pacquiao-Spence is never made.

Speaking to The Sun, Spence suggests that the first half of next year would be his preferred time for a fight.

"After this fight, of course I would like to fight Manny Pacquiao. He's on his way out so I'd love to have that fight. He's a living legend, and I've never fought someone of that calibre. He's big and not just a boxing star, he's an icon, a mega-star. That would be different and it would send me somewhere else popularity-wise," Spence told The Sun.

"Pacquiao has been in the sport 20-something years, he's an icon even outside the sport. Everybody knows who Manny Pacquiao is. That would be a great fight for me."

At 41, Pacquaio appears most interested in high-profile, big-money fights in order to maximize his earning potential, which Spence understands.

"I don't blame him, Manny Pacquiao earned that right. He's earned his right to make his money and fight whoever he wants to fight, because he fought whoever was lined up to fight him," Spence said.

"I'm not mad at it at all, if I was 40-something and was offered that kind of money to fight Conor McGregor, I'd take the fight too, I don't blame him."

Spence would also consider a fight with another legend, Canelo Alvarez, but he would want fans back into the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium in order to hold the event.

He told the paper: "With Canelo, yeah, I'd definitely entertain that. That can happen, that's a huge fight. 

"That would be huge for the Cowboys' stadium when we're back to 100 percent capacity. 

"That's another mega-fight which I could have. I could have a lot of mega-fights.”

Spence believes that only money would be an obstacle for the fight, and he would be happy to move up the scales to make a fight happen.

"It takes quite a few pounds to get down to 147. I wouldn't have any problems fighting at 160.

"But, at the end of the day, it's down to the guys in suits."

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