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Green Lions

Green Lionsis the incredible story of an underdog team, led by a veteran, hip-swinging striker, that captured the world's imagination.When Cameroon defeated reigning world champions Argentina in the opening match of Italia 90, it was arguably the biggest upset in World Cup history. But that was just the beginning. Cameroon would go on to become the first African nation to reach a World Cup quarter-final, yet for three decades, their story has only been told superficially, or as part of broader narratives.Green Lionstakes viewers inside the camp and -for the first time -tells the full story from the perspective of those involved.It’s a story about a team of amateurs, a collection of young men (and one ageing journeyman) who dared to dream, achieving the impossible, inspiring a generation around the globe and paving the way for a new wave of African football stars.

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