Artur Beterbiev outlasts Anthony Yarde in light-heavyweight classic

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Artur Beterbiev overcame a mini-crisis to retain his world light-heavyweight titles against a spirited Anthony Yarde at London’s Wembley Arena.  

The unbeaten champion found the necessary shots to end the contest in the eighth session, but only after overcoming a relentless challenger who went all out to prove that he belonged at world level. 

Yarde made a solid start and although he tried to set a fast pace, he couldn’t maintain his effort in every round as Beterbiev enjoyed many successes.  

The 38-year-old appeared to be buzzed on many occasions, but whenever Yarde looked like he was getting ahead, Beterbiev would find just enough to turn the fight back in his favour. 

In round number eight of a pulsating fight, Beterbiev put it all together. A solid right hand did most of the damage and a further one floored the London man.  

When Yarde beat the count by the narrowest of margins, his corner ended the bout before Beterbiev could inflict further punishment on the brave challenger. 

All updates from tonight's show can be found below.


Beterbiev stops Yarde in round eight

Artur Beterbiev finds the shots he requires to halt matters in the eighth round. A right hand drops Yarde and although he beats the count, his corner stops the fight.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Seven

We're watching something special. Yarde is doing good stuff but Beterbiev just keeps coming. A final minute onslaught from Beterbiev gives him the round. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Six

Both men are feeling this. It's a close round that saw a slight reduction in action but it's Yarde who stands out a little more. 10-9 Yarde.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Five

Incredible round. Stunning. Yarde has a great round until the last 20 seconds. Both men exchanged huge shots but it's Yarde who takes the round. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Four

Beterbiev is relentless. This fight is superb but is Yarde feeling it? His face is being marked up. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Three

Beterbiev jab is working well. Yarde is being forced to work at a fast pace and it looks like he could've been slightly buzzed at the end of the round. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round Two

Beterbiev is fancying this. He's walking forward and is getting more confident but he's still taking too may shots. Beterbiev does a little more and that gives him the session. 10-9 Beterbiev.

Beterbiev vs. Yarde: Round One

A decent start from Yarde. He's made Beterbiev miss with plenty but the champion won't stop coming forward. Yarde edges the first with the cleaner work. 10-9 Yarde.

Paul and Fury go at it

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul is official for next month. The pair had to be split up when going head to head in the ring. 

Moses Itauma wins in one

Moses Itauma made a blistering start to his pro career with a 14 second win. Itauma is seen as the future of the division and he provided evidence of that with a very impressive win here. This will be a boxing journey worth monitoring. 

Fletcher goes distance for first time

Tommy Fletcher hear the final bell for the first time as a pro as he was frustrated by Daryl Sharp. Fletcher was in control for large portions and the valuable rounds will benefit his development. The referee's score was 60-54. 

Itauma is sensationally stopped by Maderna

Ezequiel Maderna has caused a big upset with a big stoppage over the highly touted Karol Itauma. Maderna had several moments in the fight and he was able to find the closing shot in round number five. 

Dalakian retains against Jiminez

Artem Dalakian kept his WBA flyweight title with a hard fought win over David Jiminez. Dalakian did just enough to stay in front and steal rounds, and that was enough to give him the verdict. Sunny Edwards was likely to have been a keen observer of this one. 

Ali ruins Gogosevic

Khlaid Ali wasted no time removing Ivica Govosevic from their encounter. Ali made a rapid start and after dropping his opponent multiple times in the opening session, the bout was stopped at the end of round one.

The action should be starting soon

It's a big night at London's Wembley as Anthony Yarde gets ready for one of most sternest tasks in boxing by facing Artur Beterbiev. DAZN will be bringing you updates from the night.

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