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AJ, the contemporary fighter


Canelo, road to greatness

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Sandor, the american dream

Boxing Originals

Spanish boxers

ViruZz vs. DK MoneyBoxing Archive
Reiya Abe vs. Kiko Martínez (2023)Boxing Archive
Julio César Martínez vs. Samuel Carmona (2022)Boxing Archive
Jordan Gill vs. Kiko Martinez (2022)Boxing Archive
Jordan Reynolds vs. José Clavero (2022)Boxing Archive
Mary Romero vs. Maria Cecchi (2022)Boxing Archive
Junaid Bostan vs. José Clavero (2022)Boxing Archive
Nico Leivars vs. Ángel Chavez (2022)Boxing Archive
Kerman Lejarraga vs. JJ MetcalfBoxing Archive
Ángel Moreno vs. Jairo Noriega (2022)Boxing Archive
Jon Míguez vs. James Moorcroft (2022)Boxing Archive
Fran Mendoza vs. Alexander Mejia (2022)Boxing Archive
Samuel Carmona vs. Joel Córdova (2022)Boxing Archive
Jhon Jader Obregon vs. Kyle Lomotey (2022)Boxing Archive
Johnny Fisher vs. Gabriel Enguema (2022)Boxing Archive
Kerman Lejarraga vs. Jack Flatley (2021)Boxing Archive
Mikey Garcia vs. Sandor Martin (2021)Boxing Archive
Kerman Lejarraga vs. Dylan Charrat (2021)Boxing Archive
Kerman Lejarraga vs. Jez Smith (2021)Boxing Archive
Mary Romero vs. Amy Timlin (2021)Boxing Archive
Cristóbal Lorente vs. Anuar Salas (2021)Boxing Archive
Andoni Gago vs. Gavin McDonnell (2021)Boxing Archive
Kiko Martínez vs. Jayro Durán (2021)Boxing Archive
Daniele Scardina vs. César Núñez (2021)Boxing Archive
Katie Taylor vs. Miriam Gutiérrez (2020)Boxing Archive
Sandor vs. Madariaga (2020)Boxing Archive
Sandor Martin vs. Joe Hughes (2019)Boxing Archive
Sergio García vs. Cheeseman (2019)Boxing Archive
Avanesyan vs. Del Río (2019)Boxing Archive
Samuel Molina vs. Iván Tomás (2019)Boxing Archive

Miriam Gutiérrez, born to fight