Chris Eubank Jr. goads Liam Smith ahead of clash - 'The bad guy is back'

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Chris Eubank Jr_FaceOff Ian Walton/Matchroom Boxing

Chris Eubank Jr. was told to stop lying by Liam Smith, as the pair exchanged barbs ahead of their fight on January 21.

Eubank is 33 and Smith 34 meaning this could be one of the last high profile bouts they are involved in as headliners.

Eubank said that he could come in under-trained and without following a strict diet against Smith and still win, which led to the Liverpudlian hitting back.

That's just him being him," Smith said, reported Sky Sports.

"You come in at 50 per cent, please do. What are you paying Roy Jones [his trainer] for then?

"Why put a rematch clause in?

"I know his whole team know this is a lot tougher fight for him which is why this rematch clause got put in place. He doesn't make the weight as great as he makes out.

"He holds a good shot. His chin will get tested and his body will get tested too. I can knock anyone out, especially with 10 ounce gloves on."

Eubank Jr. embraced his role antagonising his opponent.

"The bad guy is back," he said.

"He never cheats, he never lies, he never cuts any corners but he's still the bad guy. Isn't that incredible?

"I think this is going to be the funnest [sic] fight I've had for quite some time. The styles are going to gel excellently. It can't be a boring fight.

“I know what Liam is. There's nothing he's going to be able to do that is going to confuse me or I'm not going to see coming.

"[It's] one that I'm going to be able to win with a fair amount of ease.”

He then aimed a dig at Smith, telling him: "With you as soon as there's an opening, you're going to be on the canvas.You know how to give up.

"You know how to take a knee and look at your corner.

"You know how to lay down like the old dog that you are."

Smith replied: "That's a lie. Every time you've stepped up to someone with good fundamentals you've lost.

"He's not turning up 50%," Smith added. "He turns up at 50%  - I'll wipe the floor with him."

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