Francis Ngannou anticipates facing Tyson Fury next year

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Francis-Ngannou-getty-ftr (Getty Image)

Francis Ngannou can envision a fight with Tyson Fury in 2023. The UFC heavyweight champion currently has a long list of contenders waiting to challenge him in the octagon but that hasn’t prevented the French star from considering a contest with Fury in the next two years. 

Fury, one of boxing's most in demand fighters, is currently plotting a path towards undisputed glory in boxing’s heavyweight division and he’ll be an ardent spectator when Anthony Joshua tackles Oleksandr Usyk later this year. The charismatic Brit has flirted with professional wrestling before and Ngannou believes a fight against an MMA star could happen for Fury. 

"I don't know exactly when Tyson and I will fight, but I think maybe some time in 2023,” said Ngannou when speaking to Stake.

“I am still under contract with UFC so I don't know right now the state of my situation or how it will play out, but I will say it will probably happen at some point. It is definitely something I want to do, but we don't have control over it right now. 

"I know it will be very tough when we fight. Not only am I coming from a distant sport, but I am testing myself against one of the best, if not the best, boxer ever. Obviously, I am confident, but it will be something totally different and new for me. Fury has obviously proven he can last a very long time in a fight - but I am sure I will throw some bombs at him that he will not have experienced before." 

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