Roy Jones interested in making fight with Joe Fournier

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Roy-Jones-Jr.-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

Roy Jones is ready to get back in the ring with Joe Fournier the ideal opponent for the former world champion. The Florida fighter last fought in November when he took on Mike Tyson is an exhibition contest that was scored a draw. Since that fight, the market for novelty fights has exploded with ex-fighters sharing the ring with a wide range of celebrities and novice combatants. 

Earlier this year, Fournier was defeated by David Haye, a past heavyweight champion, so the idea of returning to action against Roy Jones may appeal to him. Jones, once considered boxing’s best fighter, has fought well beyond his prime and the man who defeated the likes of James Toney and Bernard Hopkins is showing no signs of slowing down just yet. 

"I saw his fight with David Haye and I was surprised. I didn't think he did too badly,” said Jones when speaking to The Mirror. “I just think he bit off more than he could chew because David is much taller than him and 30-pounds heavier. 

"You've got to know what you're doing when you go in against those types of disadvantages, but I'm closer to his size so if he wants to be the 'legend slayer'. I know what he's thinking, he's thinking that against someone closer to his size, if he can get to them with one of those bombs, he can knock me out and change history. 

"I can't see that happening but because he was willing to challenge David Haye, he must love the sport of boxing so I'd give him a shot. It would have to be the right situation, but I'd definitely give him a shot." 

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