Sugarhill Steward: I kick Tyson Fury in the chin and train him blindfolded

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Tyson Fury - Sugar Hill Steward

Sugarhill Steward has described the harsh training methods he uses to keep Tyson Fury in check.

Steward coached Fury to the WBC championship in a win over Deontay Wilder in February 2020 and oversaw preparations and the corner in their October trilogy rematch, which Fury also largely dominated.

Sugarhill told Sky Sports how he approaches his interactions with Fury, explaining that during some training sessions, " I kick him in the chin. Then he lays on the ground and I just jump on him. That's how we toughen up Tyson's chin!

"They say he dips his hands in gasoline to toughen them up. That's true. We also train blind-folded…

"I am the only man to beat Tyson! I kick his ass all the time! The day I lose to Fury is the day I lose control!

"I've always had a sense of humour but Tyson is the right person for me.I take my job seriously, and so does he.

"But throughout my career, the switch has been off due to the other fighters I have been around. Tyson allows me to be myself - in private and in public.

"It's good for me too. I enjoy having fun as well."

Fury has suffered plenty of knockdowns over the course of his fights with Wilder, but Steward thinks that he gets back up suggests he has an in-built resilience.

"Yes he does. I don't want to see that. But yes, he does,” he said.

Steward also acknowledged that while it is not Fury’s overarching target, he does still contemplate attempting to become the undisputed heavyweight, something that seems more complicated after Oleksandr Usyk defeated Anthony Joshua for the IBF, WBA and WBO belts.

"He wants to fight. Everybody talks about undisputed. We think about it sometimes, we have conversations about it, but it's not the deepest conversation we have," Sugarhill admitted.

"We know it's a difficult thing to accomplish - the politics, the stars being aligned.

"We don't talk about a specific person. We want whoever the best is.

"Everybody has it in their head to be an all-time great."

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