Tommy Fury agrees Jake Paul fight: "See you August 6th"

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JakePaul v TyronWoodley_1812

Tommy Fury has agreed to fight Jake Paul this August.

Paul gave the light heavyweight a 24-hour ultimatum to agree to a bout after it looked like the pair would never arrange a fight.

The duo had seemed set to fight last December but Fury, Tyson Fury’s younger brother, dropped out with a broken rib and a bacterial chest infection, which led to doubts from the American YouTuber that his potential opponent was really injured.

In the end, Paul defeated former UFC champion Tyron Woodley in a rematch that he ended with a superb knockout, but he and Fury continued to exchange insults online and in interviews.

Fury responded on Twitter saying: “See you August 6th pal.”

Paul replied: "Actually we are scheduled to be in New York next week for the kick off press conference and I’m not your pal, buddy."

The answer suggested the pair were well aware of an agreement to fight after months of continued speculation.

Paul had previously announced his intention to get back into the ring after focusing on promoting the Madison Square Garden clash between Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano.

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