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What is a playbook in the NFL?

What is a playbook in the NFL?Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
What does the term 'playbook' mean? DAZN explains.

To win an NFL game it's simple, score more points than the opposition team. 

However, to do that, teams have to devise an endless number of strategies or 'plays' on both offense and defense in an attempt to get the win. 

These plays are all confined to a playbook, but what does this team mean? DAZN explains. 

What does the term 'playbook' mean in the NFL? 

A playbook is a collection of all an NFL team's plays. 

This is is likely to be separated into sections with plays specific for the offense, defense and special teams. 

The playbook is strictly confidential and is only shared by those within a team and when a new player joins the team, it is their responsibility to memorise the plays related to their position.