Devin Haney overcomes adversity to secure unanimous decision win over Jorge Linares in WBC lightweight title defense

Devin Haney Matchroom Boxing

The thought among boxing pundits was that Devin Haney needed a signature win on his stellar resume.

Haney got what he needed on Saturday night at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nev., by defeating Jorge Linares by unanimous decision (116-112, 116-112, 115-113) to retain the WBC lightweight title. DAZN News scored the fight 117-111 for Haney.

But the victory didn't come without adversity for the 22-year-old, who was wobbled by a Linares right hand at the end of the 10th round.

"He hit me with a good shot. I faced adversity, and I got the job done," Haney told DAZN's Chris Mannix during his post-fight interview.

Haney controlled the fight and appeared to be rolling toward a shutout as the quicker, more skilled boxer, when he was buzzed by a short right hand from Linares. The shot had Haney on jelly legs walking back to his corner. 

Linares began the 11th round looking to capitalize on the momentum from the previous stanza. The former three-division world champion stunned Haney again, but this time with a left hook. Haney did battle back with an uppercut.

Haney finally got his bearings under him as the 12th round began. Instead of staying in the pocket and trading shots, Haney kept Linares at bay for the final three minutes to retain his WBC belt. 

"This is boxing. You're going to get hit with big shots," Haney said about what happened in the 10th round. "But it's about continuing to box smart. I didn't get dropped. I didn't get hurt. At the end of the day, we saw other fighters in the lightweight division get dropped."

The question is what's next for Haney? Unified lightweight champion Teofimo Lopez said during the week that he'd like to face Haney next for all the gold if he gets past George Kambosos Jr. on June 19.

"If Teofimo Lopez is next, let's do it," Haney said.

"If Teofimo wants to get it next, let's do it for all the belts — the real undisputed."

Here is what happened at Devin Haney vs. Jorge Linares.




Devin Haney beats Jorge Linares to retain WBC lightweight title

Haney def. Linares via unanimous decision (116-112, 116-112, 115-113) to retain the WBC lightweight title. 

Haney-Linares; Round 12

A right uppercut for Haney. A hard left by Haney. A triple jab by Haney. A right just misses from Linares. Haney is holding on for dear life and the crowd is booing loudly. A right lands by Linares. (10-9 Linares, 117-111 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 11

Linares sees an opening and stuns Haney again with a right hand. A hard shot lands for Linares. Haney doesn't look right. He doesn't have his legs under him. A left hook connects for Haney. A left lands and then a left uppercut for Haney. A right catches Haney flush. We look to be in for an exciting final round. (10-9 Linares, 108-101 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 10

Linares walking Haney to the ropes. A right hand from Haney. An uppercut by Haney. A right lands for Haney and then makes Linares miss a right. A left lands for Haney. Linares lands a fast combination, punctuated by a short right hand that wobbles Haney as the bell sounds. Haney almost fell walking to the corner. We have a fight. (10-9 Linares, 99-91 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 9

Haney comes right out with a left hook. A combination lands for Linares and it ends with a crisp right hand. A right uppercut by Haney and then makes Linares miss wildly with a left and right. An uppercut shakes Haney. A left to the body by Linares. A left hook from Haney. A left hook lands for Linares as he dances to his corner after the round. (10-9 Haney, 90-81 Haney)


Haney-Linares; Round 8

Haney cracks Linares with a left hook. A four-punch combination by Linares. Another left uppercut finds a home for Haney. Haney sitting down on his shots and pounding Linares with a right hook to the body. Linares felt that one as he grabs Haney instantly. Four straight right hands by Haney, who is wearing Linares down. Double jab snaps Linares' head back. (10-9 Haney, 80-72 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 7

A left hand scores for Linares. Linares putting the pressure on Haney. A triple jab from Linares. Haney goes right back to the jab. A left uppercut by Haney. Haney snaps Linares' head back with another jab. (10-9 Haney, 70-63 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 6

An uppercut to the inside by Haney. Another combination from Haney, who is walking Linares down. A hard left hook connects from Haney. The uppercut is finding a home for Haney. A straight right lands for Linares. A hard straight right lands again for Haney. A left to the body by Haney. A big left hook for Linares. Haney fires back with a right at the bell. Good fight. (10-9 Haney, 60-54 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 5

A left hook and immediate uppercut lands for Haney. Haney is pumping the jab at different parts of Linares’ body. Great exchange for both guys in the middle of the ring. (10-9 Haney, 50-45 Haney)


Haney-Linares; Round 4

The jab is deadly right now for Haney. A right hand lands for Haney. Haney is in a good rhythm. Two straight lefts by Linares. Four straight jabs by Haney. Linares isn't quitting as he blasts a left hook. A feint by Haney and delivers a left hook. (10-9 Haney, 40-36 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 3

Haney gets Linares against the ropes and connects with a right hand. A right cross lands by Haney. Haney is making Linares miss at every turn. He's two steps ahead of Linares. A right hand lands again for Haney. Haney is eating Linares up with the jab. A left hook by Linares. (10-9 Haney, 30-27 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 2

Haney starts with a combination. A crisp uppercut on the inside lands from Haney. A fast three-punch combination by Haney. An exchange of overhand rights from Haney and Linares. (10-9 Haney, 20-18 Haney)

Haney-Linares; Round 1

Each guy comes out firing jabs. A left hook for Linares. Quick jabs by Haney. A hard left hook by Linares. Haney with a series of jabs. Haney is finding a home for the jab and Linares is doing nothing to counter it. (10-9 Haney)

Main event time

It is time for the main event as Devin Haney defends the WBC lightweight title against Jorge Linares. The time for talking is over. 

Almost time

We are moments away from the main event between Devin Haney and Jorge Linares. 

Chantelle Cameron stops Melissa Hernandez to retain women's title

Cameron def. Hernandez via TKO at 1:38 of the fifth round to retain the Women's WBC junior welterweight title.

Cameron had things well in control and it looked to be a matter of time before putting Hernandez away after knocking her down in the fourth round. Hernandez was having a better fifth round when Cameron landed a sharp right hand and the referee jumped in to stop the fight.

It was a quick stoppage but one that was necessary. Hernandez wasn't going to win. She was getting outclassed in every facet and it was only a matter of time before Cameron put her away.

A great performance from Cameron. Now, she puts herself in prime position to challenge Katie Taylor in the near future. 


Down goes Hernandez

The power is proving to be too much for Hernandez. In the fourth round, Cameron got her against the ropes and uncorked a barrage of punches with a right hand sending her to the canvas.

The referee told Hernandez to show her something. She did a little bit but Cameron exploded with another flurry to close the round. This shouldn't go too much longer.

Cameron overwhelming Hernandez

After two rounds, it is the power of Cameron that is proving to be the X-factor. The right hand is proving to be lethal and has stunned Hernandez more than once. Hernandez needs to figure out how to get on the inside and make it a fight.

Co-main event time

It is time for the co-main event of Haney vs. Linares, as Chantelle Cameron (13-0, 7 KOs) defends her WBC Women’s junior welterweight title against Melissa Hernandez (23-7-3, 7 KOs). A good opportunity for Cameron here to make a statement. 

Jason Quigley wins exciting fight over Shane Mosley Jr.

Quigley def. Mosley via majority decision (95-95, 97-93, 96-94).

It was nip and tuck for all 10 rounds. Quigley and Mosley showed aggression, technical prowess and power. Neither guy took a backseat which made for an entertaining fight. It showed in the 10th when they slugged it out to the final bell. Over the last three rounds, Quigley turned it on by finding a home with the right hand and landing the heavier shots.

The result could have went either way and there would have been no complaints. 

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