Eddie Hearn delivers emphatic verdict on who wins between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury

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Eddie Hearn didn’t pull no punches as he delivered his prediction for this month’s grudge meeting between Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.  

The rivals head to Saudi Arabia for their meeting on February 26th, and Hearn is the latest figure within the sport of boxing to have his say on the epic event that has been a long time coming. 

Paul and Fury had originally been set to meet at the backend of 2021 but an injury to the Brit thwarted that meeting.  

A rescheduled meeting was put in place for last year but Fury experienced visa issues when trying to enter America and the bout was cancelled. Now, it appears there’s no obstacles with the date soon to be here. 

“For Tommy Fury, it’s just a bit embarrassing,” said Hearn on The MMA Hour when speaking about the fight. 

"Like, if he was to lose. It’s embarrassing, full stop, to lose to Jake, that’s the reality for a boxer. I mean, I’d be embarrassed if I lost to Jake Paul, and I would.

“I think he’ll mess with Tommy mentally, and I think, I just think by the time they get in the ring, if they do get in the ring, I think Tommy will be defeated before the fight even takes place. I think Jake Paul will win by knockout.” 

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