Eddie Hearn says Tony Bellew's passion for boxing caused reaction to Jake Paul

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Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 GettyImages

Tony Bellew’s strong feelings towards boxing are the reason he retaliated to Jake Paul’s recent boast that he carries the sport. That’s the verdict from Eddie Hearn, Bellew’s long time promoter, who witnessed the Liverpool man go from British level to world champion on multiple Matchroom shows. 

Paul tweeted this week that he would need to see a chiropractor at some point in 2022 to heal his back “from carrying the sport of boxing.” 

This prompted a blunt response from Bellew, who claimed that the Youtuber “couldn’t carry the jockstrap of a proper boxer.” The exchange brought a big smile from Hearn who joked that he would love to stage a fight between the vocal pair. 


“I’d love to promote it,” buzzed Hearn when speaking with DAZN following the reveal of Matchroom’s 2022 Quarter One schedule

“Anytime you can promote a fight where you can see Jake Paul get chinned would be exciting. Jake Paul just rubs everyone up the wrong way, but I do like what he’s doing. 

“People who’ve given so much to boxing, physically, emotionally and mentally, will find what he’s said insulting. I just laugh, but for someone like Tony, who’s dedicated his life to the sport, it doesn’t sit well with those guys. Hopefully, they can bump into each other, and we can see what happens.” 

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