Anderson Silva shocks Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Chavez Sr. wraps career with a bang from Tribute to the Kings

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Anderson Silva sure looked comfortable in a boxing ring. A little too comfortable, to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.'s dismay.

The MMA legend dictated the pace and managed space with ring generalship in delivering a split decision victory Saturday night. Two of the three judges at Jalisco Stadium in Guadalajara, Mexico had it 77-75 for the former UFC champion. 

The only surprising part of Silva's win was that it wasn't ruled a unanimous decision. That's how much he took it to Chavez, landing the cleaner shots, while gaining some style points as he did for years in the Octagon.

Silva, 46, was so comfortable that he invited Chavez, 35, to unleash shots on him in the corner during the third round. Chavez obliged, but Silva was unfazed. There were also several sequences that Silva tapped his ankle before launching a punch.

How much Chavez being overweight affected him is unclear, but he certainly didn't throw or land enough shots to have a shot to win. The judge that ruled it 77-75 in his favor was inexplicable, as Silva showed impressive footwork and body movement in asserting the jab and stifled Chavez throughout.

Not bad for Silva, who was only fighting in just his third boxing match to Chavez's 60th. Not to mention the fact that Chavez is a former world champion.

After Silva's win, the night shifted to the main event, where boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez and Hector Camacho Jr. fought an entertaining four-round special exhibition bout, which had its fair share of fireworks.

After Chavez connected with a shot after the second-round bell, it was clear that this exhibition was getting heated. Well, that intensity boiled over when Chavez and Camacho Jr. exchanged punches after the third-round bell, prompting Chavez to yank off his headgear and demand that Camacho Jr. do the same. 

Prompting from Chavez's family made the boxing legend put the headgear back on and Canelo Alvarez jokingly peeled off his jacket in the crowd and made his way into the ring, where he'd serve in the corner for the final round of Chavez's legendary, iconic career.

At 58-years-old to Camacho Jr.'s 42, Chavez ripped the body as ferocious as he did when he was the king of the sweet science.

It was a legendary career that Chavez (107-6-2 with 86 KOs) made sure to stamp Saturday night before passing the torch to Canelo, as the Mexican legends embraced.

Here's how the entire Tribute to the Kings went.



Alvarez opens up deep cut on Chavez

A huge left hook during the waning seconds of the fourth round opens up a gushing cut over Chavez' right eye. The blood is pouring out — something to watch closely.

Things heating up

Alvarez lands a low blow and Chavez thinks the ref is going to give him time to recover. But the ref missed it and Alvarez keeps punching. They both throw hooks at the second-round bell, with Alvarez connecting on his shot with a thud. Intensifying action, with clearly no love lost between these two.

Alvarez unloads on Chavez during opening round

Alvarez caught Chavez with some heavy-handed shots, but inexplicably hesitated to follow up. Chavez is noticeably the bigger man in the ring, with a height and sheer size advantage.

Canelo in the ring in full support of his brother

Omar Chavez-Ramon Alvarez trilogy up next

Alvarez drew first blood via 10th-round TKO of Chavez during their first clash back in September 2014. Chavez then exacted revenge with a second-round TKO of Alvarez in April 2017. How will this rivalry end between the son of Julio Cesar Chavez and brother of Canelo Alvarez? We're about to find out.

Awful scoring as Sosa takes split decision

Mina was so gassed by the end of the bout that he could hardly scale the ropes to look out over the crowd — let alone raise his hand in celebration. However, he clearly won this fight.

Yet, judges inexplicably call it a split decision for Sosa by the scores of 96-94 (Mina), 96-94 (Sosa) and 95-94 (Sosa). How!? Yes, Mina's energy was totally sapped during the late rounds, but there's no way that he lost that fight.

Mina in complete control, but fatigue might be setting in

Mina splitting Sosa's guard and landing shots with impact. However, he doesn't have the same sting on his punches that he had earlier. That's something to keep an eye on as this bout enters the eighth round.

All Mina so far

Mina taking it to Sosa through three rounds in this bout scheduled for 10. He just seems one step ahead of Sosa right now.

The legend himself

One last time for the legend Julio Cesar Chavez, as the 58-year-old readies himself for his special exhibition with Hector Camacho Jr. later tonight.

Canelo by his brother's side backstage

Damian "Samurai" Sosa and Abel "Authentico" Mina up next

Junior middleweight action on the way.

Jorge Luis Melendez takes unanimous decision

Judges have it 77-75, 77-74 and 76-74 all in favor of Melendez, who kept the pressure coming following that first-round knockdown. Both Melendez and Torres let their hands fly, but Melendez got the better of the exchanges, even bullying Torres at times. Well-deserved victory.

Hector Camacho Jr. gives backstage interview

"Chavez didn't have to do this, but he's doing it," Camacho Jr. said.

He added: "Anything could happen."

But he made sure to mention that  he hopes it doesn't get overly personal and heated between he and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. in their special exhibition bout later on tonight due to their family history, with Chavez Sr. defeating the late Hector Camacho via unanimous decision back in September 1992.

Canelo in the house

The unified super middleweight champion in the house at Jalisco Stadium to watch his brother Ramon Alvarez, who will be clashing with Omar Chavez, one of Julio Cesar Chavez's sons.

Melendez strikes first

Melendez and Torres throw right hooks at the same time during the opening round, but Melendez lands and scores a flash knockdown.

Kevin Torres and Jorge Luis Melendez kick this pay-per-view off

This junior welterweight bout is scheduled for eight rounds.

This pay-per-view is live

Welcome to the live coverage of what should be a unique, interesting card to say the least. Keep it locked here for all the live updates, results and highlights from Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Anderson Silva and Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. vs. Hector Camacho Jr.

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