Katie Taylor vs. Amanda Serrano or Oscar Valdez vs. Shakur Stevenson, which is the more compelling fight on April 30th?

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It's set to be a busy evening for the boxing world on April 30th with two huge fights scheduled to take place. 

On one side of the United States, undisputed women's lightweight champion Katie Taylor is set to face seven-weight world champion Amanda Serrano at Madison Square Garden, meanwhile in Las Vegas, Shakur Stevenson and Oscard Valdez are set to do battle in a super featherweight unifcation clash.

While it's great to see some of the biggest fights in the sport get made, once again boxing fans will be split as to which fight to watch.

This was a topic of discussion on JABS where Chris Mannix and Sergio Mora discussed which of these two fights would be the more compelling. 

"Both fights are great, but the more compelling one is the women’s fight because it’s going to have two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in Katie Taylor, an Olympic gold medallist, an undisputed champion, against one of the best and hardest punchers in female fighting, that’s Amanda Serrano, a seven-division world champion," Mora said.

"A lot of history’s there, if they make that fight at MSG in between March and June, it’s going to be huge! In between St. Patrick’s Day, the Puerto Rican Day Parade, the styles are there, the fans are there, globally I think it’s a more compelling fight."

Chris Mannix agreed when it came to Taylor vs. Serrano being the more compelling fight. The DAZN Boxing analyst cited that the personalities of the two promoters, Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul, along with the fighters' teams provide the perfect ingredients for what could be a fight week to remember. 

"I think that you’re right. Taylor vs. Serrano is the bigger deal.

"Eddie Hearn has gone around declaring this will be the biggest fight in women’s boxing history. Promoters are prone to hyperbole, but in this case, I think he’s right."

"You have two high level women who have a lot of bad blood between them, whether it’s through their managers, their promoters, all that. Two high profile women going at it for the undisputed 135lb championship of the world, think about what that fight week is going to look like," Mannix went onto say.

"From the promotional side, you’ll have Eddie Hearn and Jake Paul who has emerged as a smallish promotional force in his brief time in boxing.

"On the other side, you’ve got Jordan Maldonado who’s got a big mouth, he’ll be in Amanda Serrano’s corner, you’ve got Taylor and Serrano facing off, the whole thing is going to be electric all week long.

"Not to say that Shakur and Valdez won’t be great, but I’m just more intrigued by Taylor vs. Serrano."

Mannix also had an idea as to how the two events could work together when it comes to allowing fans across the world to watch both fights. 

"You’ve got Top Rank which likes to start their main events really late, that’s something internally they discussed and like to do," Mannix explained.

"Why don’t Top Rank and Eddie Hearn get together and say ‘look we won’t start our main event until midnight eastern time’ and Eddie Hearn can say ‘we won’t start our main event until 11 o’clock eastern time.’

"Start Taylor Serrano at 11 eastern, start Valdez vs. Shakur at midnight and let everybody watch both.

"Let cooler and smarter heads prevail and find a way to make this work."

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