Lawrence Okolie defends world title but will cruiserweight and heavyweight rivals be impressed?

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Lawrence Okolie was expected to defend his world title with ease against David Light and although he won the majority of rounds, it wasn’t a performance to remember, as he retained his belt on points. 

Okolie was aiming to send out a warning to the leading fighters at cruiserweight, the division he owns the WBO title in, and heavyweight, but it wasn’t his best outing as failed to get to grips with Light. 

The New Zealander arrived in Britain with an unbeaten record, but although that ledger now has a blemish, he can take some credit for showing an admirable toughness.  

Light frustrated Okolie in the fight’s first half, but he couldn’t resist the Brit’s attacks all night as he survived heavy onslaughts in the latter stages. 

The final bell was something of a relief for Light, and those watching in the arena and at home, as a quiet contest lacking action failed to enhance the reputation of either man.  

A dull affair was eventually settled by the ringside judges who all scored for Okolie 116-112, 119-108, and 117-110. 

All updates from tonight's show will be below


Okolie wins wide against Light

Okolie takes it by scores of 116-112, 119-108, and 117-110. The end of a poor fight at least delivers the right winner.

Okolie vs. Light: Round 11

Okolie loses a point for pushing down but moments later he nearly ends the fight with another attack. Light is showing a good chin but that's all the New Zealand man has offered. 9-9

Okolie vs. Light: Round Ten

A lively round. Okolie gets through with a shot and although Light is briefly hurt, he rallies well to survive. Was that Okolie's only chance to end matters early or will he get another one? 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Nine

A decent exchange sees Light finally have a go. It's his best moment of the fighy but it's all he's done so far. Okolie still takes the round. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Eight

A brief exchange at the end of the round is the most action we've seen. Sugar Hill is in the corner imploring Okolie to do more. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Seven

The referee has called the fighters together and it looks like he's telling them to do more and get on with it. Seven rounds in but it feels a lot more. 10-9 Okolie due to the fact Light isn't really doing anything.

Okolie vs. Light: Round Six

Read the previous round. Nothing of note is happening. This is a truly awful fight. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Five

This is poor so far and it's not a good advert for world level in the cruiserweight division. Light is happy to survive and Okolie is happier to just do enough. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Four

A copy of the round before. Okolie winning rounds by doing more. This fight really needs to come to life. 10-9

Okolie vs. Light: Round Three

All Okolie but this is not good to watch. Bright is lacking ambition. He must do more. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round Two

Okolie's round again. He's jabbing more looking for openings and he gets one right at the end of the session as he lands a big right hand. 10-9 Okolie

Okolie vs. Light: Round One

Okolie takes the round by doing more but not a lot to write about. Okolie spends the round feeling his way into it and apart from a few body shots, it's a quiet start. 10-9 Okolie

The main event is next

Lawrence Okolie faces David Light next and you don't want to miss it.

Clarke wins again

Frazer Clarke kept his momentum going as he stopped Bogdan Dinu. Clarke was always on top which led to Dinu's corner pulling their man out at the end of the fight.

Gomez Jr edges Giles

Michael Gomez Jr was in the news for the wrong reasons this week after pushing Levi Giles at the weigh in but he won't care about that now after defeating his domestic rival. Despite making a slow start, Gomez Jr rallied in the middle rounds and his energetic approach gave him a split decision verdict to become English super-featherweight champion.

Is Giles ahead?

Levi Giles has made a good start to his grudge fight with Michael Gomez Jr but is starting to wilt? This fight is close so far but you get the feeling that Giles is just a little in front.

Artingsall marches on

Karriss Artingsall made it three wins from as may outings as she was too good for Linzi Buczynskyj over six rounds. The 2020 Olympian was in control from the opening bell but she was unable to score a stoppage and had to settle for a wide points win.

Simpson stops Neves

Celso Neves is known on British shores for taking Felix Cash the eight round distance at the backend of last year but he couldn't manage three rounds against the impressive Callum Simpson. The Barnsley man had Neves down in the first round and another big shot in the third session, a huge right hand, was enough to end the contest.

Simpson makes strong start

Callum Simpson is seen as one of British boxing's brightest hopes and he's off to a good start against Celso Neves. Simpson scores a first round knockdown but can he end the fight early?

Tommy Fury hints at big fight in today's other news

Lawrence Okolie is not the only cruiserweight in today's headlines. Tommy Fury has spoken about his next move and it might not involve Jake Paul. Read more here.

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