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'Murderous puncher' Francis Ngannou has a chance against Tyson Fury, says Ricky Hatton

'Murderous puncher' Francis Ngannou has a chance against Tyson Fury, says Ricky HattonDAZN

When Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou meet in a boxing ring in Saudi Arabia on October 28, Fury will be favoured to come away with the victory.

The "Gypsy King" is the WBC heavyweight champion and is undefeated throughout his famed career, while Ngannou is an MMA superstar crossing over into boxing for the first time.

So while Fury has all the advantages a lengthy, successful boxing career should provide in this situation, some pundits are not quite ready to count "The Predator" out just yet.

Known for his power, Ngannou's punching ability has caused many to give the former UFC champion a chance against Fury despite the massive imbalance in experience between the two combatants.

Former two-weight champion Ricky Hatton is among those expecting Fury to win, but he's not dismissing Ngannou's chances.

"You’ve got one of the most dangerous men in sport in Ngannou," Hatton told Mighty Tips

"You can see he’s a murderous puncher, massive legs, massive frame on him and hits really hard.

"You don’t need anyone to tell Tyson that if Ngannou hits him he knocks him out, but I don’t think he will. That’s the big question going into the fight.

"Tyson has got the punch, the ability, the height, the reach and Ngannou has never had a professional [boxing] fight in his life.

"The question is whether Tyson can keep out the way enough or whether Ngannou can get that one punch in to knock him [out], and that’s what makes it exciting."