Ryan Garcia gets highlight-reel knockout of Javier Fortuna, calls out Gervonta Davis again

Garcia-Fortuna_16072022 Tom Hogan/Golden Boy

Ryan Garcia wanted to deliver a highlight-reel knockout and he did just that on Saturday night at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, Calif., and live on DAZN.

After dropping Fortuna in the fourth and fifth rounds, "King Ry" unloaded an electrifying left-right-left combination to drop Javier Fortuna to one knee in the sixth. Out came the mouthpiece seconds later and Garcia's knockout victory was complete.

Garcia asserted himself from the opening bell with a crisp jab. That jab quickly led to piercing combinations. 

The 23-year-old scored his first of three knockdowns on the night during the fourth round, when he blasted Fortuna to the body with a left hook that made the rugged Dominican fighter take a knee. In the fifth, Garcia detonated a scraping left hook across the jaw that seemingly knocked the wind out of Fortuna for a second knockdown.

Those punches paved the way for Garcia to blast Fortuna with a splintering left-right-left combination that ended with a left hook to the temple to secure the victory.

Just as he's done in past fights, Garcia (23-0, 19 KOs) used his postight victory to call out Gervonta "Tank" Davis.

"I'm not going back down to 135 (pounds) for nothing but I will fight 'Tank' next," Garcia told DAZN's Chris Mannix in the ring.

"If 'Tank' wants that at 140 ... hey, I'm going to record all the negotiations so you guys don't make no headlines saying I'm ducking. If (Davis) wants it, let's get it.

"That (fight) is going to give me the respect I deserve," he added.

"I'm never afraid. I'm trying to tell you that I have the spirit of competition in me and you're going to see that when I fight 'Tank' and whoop his a—s."

When asked how the fight can be made considering he's with Golden Boy and Davis fights under the PBC promotional banner, Garcia offered: "Where there's a will, there's a way."

Davis seemingly responded by tweeting:

Here's how the entire Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna main card went down. 


Garcia knocks Fortuna out!

A piercing left-right-left combo ending in a left hook drops Fortuna to one knee. Out comes the mouthpiece and this one is a wrap. Garcia wins by knockout.

Garcia vs. Fortuna; Round 5

Straight right through the middle followed by a left hook wrapped around the guard from Garcia in the opening minute. Big, scraping left hook across the jaw and Fortuna is down again!

Garcia is pressuring Fortuna around the ring. Garcia comfortably peppering Fortuna with the jab. Fortuna is trying his best to get some bounce back to his legs but he's in trouble. (10-8 Garcia, 50-43 Garcia)

Garcia vs. Fortuna; Round 4

Garcia looks visibly so much bigger than Fortuna and the rugged veteran has to seemingly do so much to land something of significance. Garcia pushing the tempo, connecting on shot after shot. He blasts Fortuna to the body with a left hook and scores a knockdown!

Fortuna is on one knee. Fortuna's mouthpiece comes out, he collects himself and gets up off the mat. Fortuna inexplicably keeps his hands down and lunges on a right hook and misses. Garcia blasts Fortuna to the body again. He rocks Fortuna with another combo. Excellent round for young "King Ry." (10-8 Garcia, 40-35 Garcia)

Garcia vs. Fortuna; Round 3

Garcia is splitting Fortuna's guard at will with the jab. He's going right back to that weapon of choice early in this round. Right-left combination lands for Garcia. Quick right-left-left combination from Garcia with the last punch deposited to the body. Splintering, rapid output. Counter left hook from Fortuna partially connects. Garcia buries a short right hand into Fortuna's midsection during the waning seconds. (10-9 Garcia, 30-27 Garcia)

Garcia vs. Fortuna; Round 2

Fortuna crouching low to jab to the body. Garcia lunges and Fortuna makes him pay with a counter jab that snaps Garcia's head back. Garcia feints with the left and rifles that jab straight through the middle. A big right hand shakes Fortuna up enough for the Dominican fighter to resort to clinching. Garcia jabs upstairs and now to the body. Fortuna winds up and deposits a chopping left hook to the body. (10-9 Garcia, 20-18 Garcia)

Ryan Garcia vs. Javier Fortuna; Round 1

Garcia comes out pumping a left-handed jab. It's coming crisp and straight through Fortuna's guard. The shorter Fortuna is trying to compute information in real time and get inside of Garcia's reach. Garcia sneaks a right-handed jab to split Fortuna's jab. And again. Fortuna swings wildly and misses. Garcia goes right back to the jab and connects again. Now, he wraps a left hook around Fortuna's guard. (10-9 Garcia)

And here comes Ryan Garcia

Javier Fortuna makes his walk

Main event upon us

It's about that time as Garcia and Fortuna make their final preparations.

Rocha wins by dominating unanimous decision

Judges score it 100-90, 99-91, and 99-91 all for Rocha. Dominant win, which begs for a step up in competition for the 25-year-old.

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 10

Rocha buries a big right hand squarely into Veron's chest — a shot that I always feel is the most defeating and demeaning to a fighter. Rocha bangs away with thudding shots. Veron falls but it's ruled a slip. Rocha keeps the punches going and the bell tolls. (10-9 Rocha, 99-91 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 9

Veron actually puts together solid shots. Perhaps Rocha was allowing him to do so to bait him in and make Veron vulnerable to a knockout. Final round next. (10-9 Veron, 89-82 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 8

Rocha isn't exactly stepping on the gas, but he's steadily chipping away at Veron by continuing to bang away at the body with heavy-handed shots. (10-9 Rocha, 80-72 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 7

Rocha keeps bringing it. From here, it will be interesting to see if he could force a stoppage against a stubbornly-tough Veron. (10-9 Rocha, 70-63 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 6

Veron is taking a beating. His organs are going to be smushed the way Rocha is depositing shots to his body. (10-9 Rocha, 60-54 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 5

Rocha is battering Veron around the ring, especially to the body. Veron is doing a good job of concealing his pain on his face, but his body and the way his elbows are dropping to his ribs tell everything. All Rocha halfway through in this bout scheduled for 10. (10-9 Rocha, 50-45 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 4

Body shots look to be softening up and taking a toll on Veron as this fight goes on. The fact that Rocha has been relentless with them is adding to it. Rocha brushes Veron back with a chopping left hook during the waning seconds. (10-9 Rocha, 40-36 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 3

A left hook-right hook to the body, followed by a right hook upstairs across the jaw from Rocha, who's letting his momentum carry over. He just has to be cautious about a counterpunch from Veron. That said, Rocha is bringing so much thunder that he's controlling the pace so far. (10-9 Rocha, 30-27 Rocha)

Rocha vs. Veron; Round 2

Rocha loading up and landing a left hook to the body well. It's a thudding shot that's driving Veron back. Rocha is bringing the fight to the veteran, stalking Veron around the ring. (10-9 Rocha, 20-18 Rocha)

Alexis Rocha vs. Luis Veron; Round 1

Veron has experience against southpaws but it doesn't stop him from getting touched by Rocha digging to the body. Rocha loads up and lands to the body well. (10-9 Rocha)

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