Joseph Parker closes door on rivalry with Derek Chisora with dominant victory

Parker Chisora

There can be no arguments that Joseph Parker has finally settled his memorable rivalry with Derek Chisora. The New Zealander turned back the clock to his world title-winning days as he produced a busy performance that combined his boxing skills with his power. Parker managed to floor Chisora three times, but he couldn’t find the right shot to end matters within the distance, although he came awfully close. 

Parker started quickest, and his pace hardly slowed as he let his hands go on all occasions as he found Chisora’s exposed target multiple times. The ropes saved Chisora in round four before being dropped in sessions seven and eight. Each time he was hurt, he rallied brilliantly and gave Parker some nervy moments as he debated whether to attack once more time. 

At the end of 12 hard and memorable rounds, there was no doubt who the victor was, but the scorecards appeared close, and the knockdowns scored by Parker were vital in making the gap bigger. Parker promoter Eddie Hearn has teased more big fights for the former heavyweight champion in 2022, but Chisora’s route back to the top is complicated, and one must wonder whether that’s the last time we’ve seen one of British boxing’s biggest characters in the ring for the last time. 

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Parker beats Chisora on points

A fitting way to end 2021 as Joseph Parker put in a brilliant performance to drop Derek Chisora three times to take a clear verdict on the scorecards. Both men embraced at the final bell in a fitting show of respect following a stunning battle.

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round 12

What a fight. Parker has taken every round but that doesn't give enough credit for the effort put in from Chisora. Both fighters promised improvements but it's Parker who looked the better man and he should be given the verdict once the scorecards are counted. 10-9 Parker


Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round 11

The improvements from Parker have been so impressive. This is the Parker who climbed the ladder to become world champion. He's been superb tonight and he lands enough shots to take the round again. 10-9 Parker.

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Ten

Both men look like they've fought 100 rounds rather than ten. It's Parker again but both men desreve huge credit. 10-9 Parker. 

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Nine

Parker edges this round as both fighters look tired. A round that's missed the action of previous sessions but Parker does just enough. 10-9 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Eight

Chisora goes down again and we're going to need a calculator to work out just how far behind he is. Can he find another miracle moment to stay in this fight? He needs it. 10-8 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Seven

This is brilliant from both men. What a round. Chisora goes down from a great uppercut but he finishes the round strong with a relentless attack. 10-8 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Six

Chisora's best round but he loses it based on the last 30 seconds. Parker came back into it well and got through with a brilliant right hand to make sure. Chisora is improving but he still needs to do more to get this fight in his favour. 10-9 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Five

A better round from Chisora but not enough to give him the round. He's getting closer with attacks but Parker is matching him. 10-9 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Four

Chisora takes a count as the ropes save him from going down. Chisora ends the round with a big attack that sends the crowd into a frenzy. 10-8 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Three

Is Chisora hurt bad? A shot from Parker put the brakes on Chisora who spent the rest of the round on the ropes. Parker's improvements from the first fight are so evident. Chisora needs a big moment. 10-9 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round Two

Parker can't miss. Chisora is doing all he can to make it his fight but he's taking far too many shots. Parker looks superb. 10-9 Parker

Parker vs. Chisora 2: Round One

Parker will be delighted with his start. He's settled quickest and a big right hand got Chisora's attention halfway through the round. Parker's corner is very happy. 10-9 Parker

Sadjo's power the big difference against Cullen

France's Kevin Sadjo was identified as a huge threat to Jack Cullen earlier this week when stepping in for Emre Cukur, and that's how it transpired as he ruined the Little Lever man with a superb body shot in round six. The contest had been very close up to that point and even though Cullen beat the count, he was in a position to continue as Sadjo celebrated wildly. Sadjo is now the European champion at 12st.

Barrett sails past Tarimo to become number one contender

Zelfa Barrett boxed himself into world title contention by defeating Bruno Tarimo on points. The Manchester fighter was in control throughout as he boxed smartly but there was success for Barrett when he let his hands go as he dropped Tarimo in round three. The Australian-based man rallied brilliantly to hear the final bell but there was no doubt who the victor was as Barrett took the verdict on all three scorecards. 

Richards gate crashes world rankings points win over Gongora

It wasn't pretty, but Lerrone Richards did what he had to do to evade the threat of Carlos Gongora as he boxed his way to a points decision. In a bout missing standout moments, Richards was cautious throughout but he did land the cleaner shots despite Gongora's pressure. With the victory, Richards claims the IBO title at super-middleweight. Scores were 116-112 Gongora with the other two judges favouring Richards 115-113.

Babic survives almighty scare to get past Spilmont

David Spilmont almost caused a major upset when he had Alen Babic in a lot of trouble. The entertaining Croatian was caught clean by Spilmont in round two and the bell came at the right time for Babic as he managed to grab his senses in the corner. After dropping Spilmont in the fourth session, Babic maintained his dominance a couple of rounds later as he finally got Spilmont out the contest in round six. Babic will learn a lot from this bout. 

Nyika enjoys another early night

A bicep injury to Anthony Carpin meant he was in no shape to continue against the hard hitting David Nyika. A star amateur for New Zealand, Nyika looks like he's brought his vested pedigree into the pro game with his second win. 

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