KSI on fighting Jake Paul: I just want to f—k him up

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KSI already has his sights set on a mega-fight with Jake Paul in the future. However, he first must get past Swarmz on August 27 at London's O2 Arena in what will be his first fight since beating Logan Paul in 2019. 

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The DAZN Boxing Show, KSI revealed that Paul is the main reason for making a boxing comeback. 

"I came back because I wanted to f—k up Jake Paul, that’s the main reason I come back," KSI said. 

While a fight between the KSI and Paul would be dismissed by many boxing fans, no one can argue that it would be one of the biggest events in entertainment, but for the British YouTube star, it's a personal score which needs to be settled, regardless of the event size. 

"For me I don’t really care, I just want to f—k him up, I just want to get my hands on him," KSI responded when asked about how big this potential fight could be. 

"I just want to prove to everyone that even though I’m still doing everything else, I’m still able to find time to destroy everything that he’s created from just fighting him and knocking him out.

"I think that shows the type of person I am."


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