Browns vs. Chiefs results: Kansas City wins game, loses Patrick Mahomes

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The Kansas City Chiefs defeated a tough Cleveland Browns team, 22-17, in Sunday's Divisional Round playoffs, but they paid a heavy cost in the process.

Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes was forced from the game with concussion-like symptoms after taking a hit midway through the third quarter, leaving QB duties to backup Chad Henne.

The 35-year-old entered the game with the Browns sniffing a comeback, and Henne complicated matters for himself when he threw an interception seven minutes into the fourth quarter with Cleveland just five points behind.

However, Henne would make up for his blunder moments later as he channeled his inner Mahomes and scrambled 13 yards on 3rd & 14 just ahead of the two-minute warning. Still needing a few inches to secure the game-clinching first down, Henne and the Chiefs caught the entire Browns defense sleeping and managed in a five-yard pass to Tyreek Hill to move the chains for the final time.

It was a crazy end to a game that looked like it could go either way after Mahomes' exit, and the Chiefs now have a week to figure out whether their franchise player will be available for the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

DAZN News provided live commentary throughout the game. Here's how it went down:


Game over: Browns 17, Chiefs 22

What a finish! Henne makes up for his INT with some savvy play on that last drive, and the Chiefs are into the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

First down!

Everyone thinks the Chiefs are calling a timeout, but instead they snap and Henne finds Hill for a five-yard pass.

This game is over!

Whoa! What a run by Henne

The backup QB makes a Mahomes-like run to make up almost all the yardage needed. It's a 13-yard run, making it 4th and inches. Crazy.

Two-minute warning

The Browns get a sack on Henne, making it 3rd & 14 at the KC 41-yard line coming out of the stoppage. This next play is huge.

Browns have taken their final timeout

There's 3:09 remaining, Chiefs have 1st & 10. A first down probably wins this game for KC.

Huge stop, Chiefs

The Browns are forced to punt after some swarming defence by the Chiefs, giving KC some breathing room.

There's 4:09 left, but the Chiefs will need to do better on the upcoming drive — ie. no crazy deep passes — if they want to put this game away.

Interception, Browns

A deep Henne pass is picked off by Joseph! The Browns have the ball with 8:00 left.

Mahomes will not return

It's official, the KC quarterback will not return to the game as he suffers concussion-like symptoms from that third-quarter hit.

That's obviously a huge loss for the home team, but thoughts are with Mahomes' health right now.

Touchdown, Browns

Cleveland's within a single score now after Hunt barrells into the end zone.

It's 22-17 for the Chiefs with 11:07 remaining after the extra point is kicked.

End of the third quarter: Browns 10, Chiefs 22

Mahomes is still getting assessed, meaning Henne will take snaps for the time being.

The Browns, who have the ball at the KC 34-yard line to start the fourth, will look to take advantage of the Chiefs missing their best player.

Field goal, Chiefs

Butker hits a 33-yard FG, giving the Chiefs three more points.

22-10 Chiefs, 4:24 to go in the third.

Mahomes leaves the game

Looks like the KC QB has concussion-like symptoms.

Henne replaces the superstar with 7:44 left in the quarter

Touchdown, Browns

Cleveland finally gets into the end zone as Mayfield engineers a masterful 77-yard drive that culiminates in a four-yard Landry TD reception.

The extra point is good and it's now 19-10 Chiefs, 9:29 to go in the third.

Missed field goal, Chiefs

The Browns get a lifeline as KC's Butker kicks his 33-yard attempt against the upright.


Mayfield's pass to Landry is picked off by Mathieu, and the Browns day just got a lot worse.

Second-half kickoff

The Browns get the ball and they need to make something happen.

Halftime: Browns 3, Chiefs 19

This is pretty much going exactly as the home team expected. The Chiefs were relentless on offense, scoring on each drive.

The Browns have been valiant, and are unlucky to have that touchback called against them, but they have a large hole to navigate in the third and fourth quarters.

Field goal, Chiefs

KC extends the lead by three just before the half.

19-3 Chiefs.

Whoa! Touchback!

Higgins looked like he was going to score a touchdown as he stretches to put the ball across the line. Instead, the Browns receiver fumbles the ball while under pressure from Sorensen and it rolls through the end zone, giving possession to the Chiefs!

That's a huge play as it comepletely kills the momentum Cleveland was building. It's not without controversy as it appeared as though the hit by Sorensen was helmet-to-helmet, but the call stands because those plays aren't reviewable.

Two-minute warning

Cleveland has the ball on their own 46, but Mayfield has been methodically working his way downfield on this drive.

It's imperative that the Browns get something out of this, as they don't want to go into the locker room down by 13 (or more).

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