Browns vs. Chiefs results: Kansas City wins game, loses Patrick Mahomes

mahomes-20210117-getty-ftr (Getty Images)

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated a tough Cleveland Browns team, 22-17, in Sunday's Divisional Round playoffs, but they paid a heavy cost in the process.

Star quarterback Patrick Mahomes was forced from the game with concussion-like symptoms after taking a hit midway through the third quarter, leaving QB duties to backup Chad Henne.

The 35-year-old entered the game with the Browns sniffing a comeback, and Henne complicated matters for himself when he threw an interception seven minutes into the fourth quarter with Cleveland just five points behind.

However, Henne would make up for his blunder moments later as he channeled his inner Mahomes and scrambled 13 yards on 3rd & 14 just ahead of the two-minute warning. Still needing a few inches to secure the game-clinching first down, Henne and the Chiefs caught the entire Browns defense sleeping and managed in a five-yard pass to Tyreek Hill to move the chains for the final time.

It was a crazy end to a game that looked like it could go either way after Mahomes' exit, and the Chiefs now have a week to figure out whether their franchise player will be available for the AFC Championship game against the Buffalo Bills.

DAZN News provided live commentary throughout the game. Here's how it went down:


Field goal, Chiefs

It's the longest playoff FG in Arrowhead Stadium history as Butker hits the 50-yarder.

Chiefs extend their lead by three, now up 16-3 with 3:09 left in the half.

First stop of the game

The Chiefs' defense keeps Cleveland under wraps, forcing a punt. Given how well the KC offense has been playing, this could be the chance for the home team to break things open.

Touchdown, Chiefs

On 2nd & 19, Kelce goes airborne to fling himself into the end zone.

The extra point is good this time. 13-3 Chiefs, 13:48 remaining in the half.

End of first quarter: Browns 3, Chiefs 6

That opening quarter flew by as both teams looked to play quickly. The Chiefs enter the second stanza with the ball at the Cleveland 22.

Field goal, Browns

Cleveland's on the scoreboard after Parkey nails his 46-yard attempt.

6-3 Chiefs, 2:41 remaining in the opening quarter.

Touchdown, Chiefs

Well that didn't take long! Mahomes calls his own number and rolls into the end zone to cap off a 70-yard game-opening drive.

The extra point is not good, however. 6-0 Chiefs with 9:11 to go in the first.


The Browns kick off to start today's game.

Both teams are ready

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