Amir Khan: 'I was never scared to fight anyone'

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Amir Khan is proud of the reputation that he will leave behind in the sport of boxing. 

The former world champion announced that he was hanging up the gloves last week and following this decision spoke to The DAZN Boxing Show about a thrilling career. 

"I never turned down any fight, I was never scared to fight anyone," Khan responed when asked about his reputation within the sport. 

"I was the one who was chasing people, for example Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao, I’m the chaser!

"It’s not because I need the pay day, I made big money in the sport of boxing, it’s just because I want to beat these guys and show I am the best fighter."

Khan, who finished his career with a 34-6 record (21 KOs), also revealed the highest and lowest moments of his career. 

"I’ll start with the loss that hurt me the most which was when I got beat by Danny Garcia," Khan said.

"I blamed that on myself, I was winning the fight, it was easy, I could see every shot coming and when you lose that focus, ‘Boom’.

"He came with that left hook; it was such a wide hook that you will see from a mile away.

"It still hurts me that fight, it was an undisputed fight and I couldn’t believe how easy it was for the first couple of rounds.

"So that was a big lesson learnt, never underestimate anyone."

When it came to career highlight, it was the moment which made Khan an instant star in Great Britain. 

"It has to be the Olympics.

"The Olympics took me to that different level where no one knew me before the Olympics.

"When I won everything before that, I didn’t get the recognition, but the Olympics, the two weeks I spent there changed my life," Khan told Ak and Barak. 

"I came back home and people wanted my autograph, I’d never known how to do an autograph before in my life."

It was no secret that throughout his 17-year boxing career that Khan was looking to pursue some of the sport's biggest names including Mayweather, but while that fight never materialised, there were some other big names who were close to stepping inside the ring with the Olympic silver medalist. 

"You know who I really wanted to fight, and got really close to making it, was Shane Mosley.

"It didn’t happen because Golden Boy wanted me to take a different route.

"When they put that fight to me, I said ‘Hell yeah, I’ll take that fight.'

"At one stage Oscar De La Hoya was considering fighting me as well."

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