Tommy Fury ridicules Jake Paul world title claims and makes prediction for fight

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Tommy Fury is full of confidence ahead of his February 26 clash with Jake Paul in Saudi Arabia.

A fight finally looks set to go ahead after the first two planned events had to be scrapped, due to injury and then visa problems.

Fury feels a showdown with the unbeaten American is overdue.

"Because when you're solely confident in your own mind that you can dismantle this man and twice before things out of your complete control keep popping up, it is tough," Fury said Sky Sports.

Dismissing his opponent’s claim that he would become a world champion, he added: "That's like saying a pig's going to fly. I'm going to teach Jake Paul a lesson on February 26. I'm going to show that he can't just pick up a pair of gloves whenever you want and say, 'Oh I'm going to be a world champion.’

"World champions are destined and world champions are born and he is definitely not a world champion. He's not a champion or anything of the sort in boxing and he's going to find that out on February 26.

"He's fought old men. 50-year-olds, 40-year-olds, wrestlers, NBA stars. He'll probably fight Tiger Woods after me. What can you make to that?

"I'm the first [boxing] man he's come up against and he could have picked a little easier task for himself.

"I'm going to knock Jake Paul out, very early."

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