DAZN Service Charter

DAZN SERVICE CHARTER in force from 2022
This service charter ("Service Charter") is binding for DAZN Limited ("DAZN") towards its customers and constitutes the point of reference for customers in their relationship with DAZN ("DAZN Service" or "Service").
The Service Charter is inspired by and implements the fundamental principles indicated in Article 3 of Resolution No. 179/03/CSP and Article 4 of Resolution No. 278/04/CSP issued by the Italian Communications Authority ("AgCom") and supplemented by Resolution No. 711/11/CONS and is a very useful tool that allows customers to have access to some important information relating to the DAZN Service.
The Service Charter accompanies the Terms and Conditions of Use of the DAZN subscription, to which reference should be made for any further information and contractual details.
1.    The DAZN Service;
2.    Fundamental Principles;
3.    DAZN Service price and promotions;
4.    Service activation;
5.    Duration;
6.    Right of withdrawal;
7.    Use of the Service;
8.    Age limits;
9.    Technical requirements;
10.    Complaints;
11.    Protection of privacy;
12.    Assistance to users;
13.    Dispute resolutions;
14.    Service quality levels.
DAZN is a subscription service that offers subscribers online streaming access to a wide range of sporting events from around the world on a variety of internet-connected devices, such as SMART TVs, smartphones, tablets, consoles, or others. Discover the full list of devices on which DAZN is available here (URL: https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/help/articles/which-devices-are-supported-by-dazn-it).
The possibility of using the DAZN Service presupposes an Internet connection, at the client's expense, with requirements specified at this LINK (URL: https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/help/articles/how-fast-does-my-internet-need-to-be-it). In the case of access by Mobile Network, DAZN clarifies that the minimum connectivity standard required will be LTE/4G.
For persons who are in areas with greater infrastructural limitations in relation to the internet network, with limited access to broadband/ultra-wideband internet (i.e., in particular in the so-called white areas as identified by TIM and Open Fiber maps) (the "Identified Areas"), DAZN has provided a back-up solution which allows the customer, through a special decoder, to have access to a linear channel broadcast in digital terrestrial technology with conditional access module ("DTT Channel").
Access to the DTT Channel, in compliance with administrative measures from time to time in force, may be included in the subscription to the DAZN Service, but to access it the customer must purchase a special decoder from Digiquest (LINK https://www.digiquest.it/) at the recommended price of € 139.99. DAZN customers who are in the Identified Areas will be able to purchase, at the same time or after subscribing to the DAZN Service, as a priority, the decoder that will allow them to enjoy the back up on digital terrestrial, accessible only in case of actual problems and with access only through the DAZN app installed therein.
The use of the DTT channel also requires a properly installed terrestrial antenna system with adequate signal reception and quality.
The DTT Channel is not independently accessible by the customer and hosts only a selection of the contents offered by the DAZN Service. It is in fact a channel with a back-up function designed solely to allow the use of certain content to DAZN customers who are located in the Identified Areas, or in locations with similar infrastructure deficit with respect to the internet network with limited access to broadband/ultra-wideband internet.
The back-up functionality is specifically introduced in relation to the Serie A football championship. It should also be noted that DAZN has the rights for digital terrestrial broadcasting only in relation to 7 of the 10 matches of the Serie A Championship and, therefore, the DTT back-up can only operate for these matches, with the further limitation resulting from the availability of only one DTT channel from which the fact that, in the case of multiple matches played at the same time, only one match among the simultaneous matches will be available on DTT for the back-up, according to the discretionary editorial choices of DAZN.
The DAZN Service is provided by DAZN Limited, a company incorporated and governed by English law, with registered office in 12 Hammersmith Grove, London, W6 7AP, United Kingdom and secondary office in Piazza San Babila n. 3, 20122 Milan (MI).
DAZN ensures equal treatment of customers, irrespective of differences in sex, race, language, religion and political opinions.
Right to choose
The DAZN service has always prioritised the customer's right to make an informed decision on whether, when, how and for how long to subscribe.
Activation of the DAZN service can be requested directly from DAZN at the LINK (URL: https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/account/signup) or through the various channels made available, with customers being free to choose the one most suited to their needs and habits.
DAZN communicates its offers and technical and economic conditions of the Service in simple, clear and comprehensible language.
Similar obligations apply to the presentation of any contractual variations and to the offer of additional and supplementary services with respect to those already provided to clients.
DAZN recognises that users have the right to complete and exhaustive information on the legal, economic and technical methods of providing the services. The dissemination of any information to customers takes place according to criteria of transparency, clarity and timeliness, observing in particular the principles of good faith and contractual loyalty.
In particular, in full compliance with the provisions of Resolutions no. 179/03/CSP and 278/04/CSP, DAZN will inform customers at least 30 days in advance in a complete, timely and transparent manner about:
•    changes to the technical and economic conditions of the contract;
•    changes to this Service Charter.
Each customer, individually or through trade associations, may produce written comments and/or documents and make suggestions to improve the provision of the DAZN Service.
Right of access
DAZN guarantees that each client may exercise the right of access to the information concerning him/her in the possession of the company itself, as well as the rights of the data subject to the processing of data in accordance with the procedures provided for by Legislative Decree No. 196/2003 and Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 ("GDPR").
Efficiency and Effectiveness
DAZN pursues the progressive improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of the services offered to subscribers. DAZN will do what is reasonably necessary to maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Service.
Courtesy and Transparency
DAZN undertakes to use the utmost courtesy towards the customer, providing employees with the appropriate instructions in order to ensure the maximum availability and accessibility of information regarding the services offered.
The DAZN Service allows the customer to set parental control through a PIN, for more information see DAZN | https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/help/articles/youth-protection-it)
The subscription to the DAZN Service has a monthly price of €29.99, subject to promotions or other specific offers, which includes access to the DAZN Service. As previously specified in paragraph 1, where applicable and provided that the customer has purchased the appropriate decoder, the DAZN Service may also include access to the DTT Channel with a back-up function, in compliance with administrative measures from time to time in force.
They are not included in the monthly price of the DAZN Service:
•    telephone line charges and any other communication or access charges that are charged separately to the customer by his ISP or service provider;
•    the costs relating to the purchase of the decoder which, in the cases specified above (mere back-up function), allows access to the DTT Channel.
All our prices include taxes according to the rates in force from time to time.
DAZN pays particular attention to the billing process, striving to ensure its customers high standards of transparency in line with the provisions of AgCom.
Payments must be made by credit card; debit card; PayPal or other accepted, valid and current payment method, including third party providers of supported payment services ("Payment Method").
The amount due for the use of the DAZN Service shall be charged monthly in advance to the Payment Method chosen, except in the case of prepaid cards or codes to which the relevant general terms and conditions available on the dazn.com website shall apply [https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/help/articles/where-to-buy-a-gift-code].
In the event of billing errors, requests for reimbursement or complaints relating to billing may be addressed to:
•    DAZN at the specific contact points indicated in the section below entitled "Complaints about services" in the case of payment by credit card; debit card; PayPal
•    to third-party providers of supported payment services in case of payment through them;
•    third party partners in the case of a subscription purchased through them.
Activation of the DAZN Service, subject to different arrangements managed by third parties, is subject to the creation of an account in accordance with the following procedure:
•    Create account:
1.    Go to https://www.dazn.com/it-IT/account/signup
2.    Enter your first name, last name, email address and create password.
•    Choose your subscription plan
•    Add a Payment Method.
Start watching: Download the DAZN App to supported devices. 5.DURATION
The subscription to the DAZN Service lasts for one month and is automatically renewed at the end of the month unless cancelled and subject to the provisions of the general terms and conditions for prepaid cards or codes.
The Client may withdraw from its subscription to the DAZN Service in one of the following ways:
•    by logging in to the "My Account" page LINK (URL: https://my.dazn.com/it-IT/myaccount/subscription/cancel) and clicking on the "Cancel Subscription" button;
•    by contacting Customer Service at the LINK (URL: https://dazn.com/help?chat=direct);
•    by sending a communication to this effect by registered letter to DAZN Limited, Piazza San Babila n. 3, 20122 Milan (MI) or by certified e-mail at daznlimited@legalmail.it.
In case of contact through the online Customer Service the customer will receive an automatic email with the number of his ticket.
The withdrawal from the subscription to the DAZN Service may be exercised at any time prior to each monthly expiry date of the subscription. The withdrawal will be effective on the thirtieth day following the date of the request, it being understood that access to the DAZN Service will remain permitted until the aforementioned deadline, except as otherwise provided for prepaid cards or codes. On the date of the withdrawal request, the subscription fee will be charged for the period up to the expiry of the aforementioned term (thirtieth day) from which the days already paid with the previous charge will be deducted.
In the event that the customer has subscribed to the DAZN Service by indicating a third-party Payment Method (e.g., Google, Apple, Amazon etc.) and wishes to withdraw from its subscription to the DAZN Service, it may be necessary to submit the notice of withdrawal through that third Payment Method. More information is available here: i) Google: DAZN | Guida | Disdetta Google Play; ii) Apple DAZN | Guida | Disdetta Apple iTunes; iii) Amazon DAZN | Guida | Disdetta Amazon in App Payment.
In the event that the Client has subscribed to the DAZN Service through a third-party partner, it may be necessary to contact the latter.
In the event of changes to the Conditions of Use, such as, by way of example, in the event of changes in the package of sporting events included in the DAZN Service, or in the event of changes to ensure better functionality of the DAZN Service, or in the event of supervening technical and/or economic demands, or in the event of changes in commercial policies and/or technical changes in the platform for the provision of the DAZN Service, or in the event of changed conditions in the market or the need to address security demands or issues, including in relation to abusive and/or fraudulent occurrences in the use of the DAZN Service, the changes will be notified to the Client by e-mail to the most recent address in our possession, as provided for in article 2.3 of the Conditions of Use. These notifications will clearly state the changes in question and the reason for them, as well as the period of sixty (60) days from the notification within which the Client may withdraw from his contract, in the event that he does not intend to accept the contractual changes envisaged. In the absence of such notice of withdrawal within the aforementioned period, the contractual changes shall be deemed to have been accepted. Notwithstanding the above, changes made in order to comply with the law, including in the event of regulatory changes, may take effect immediately.
In the event of cancellation, the subscription fees already paid shall not be refunded, except in the event of exercise of the right of withdrawal referred to in Article 6 of the Conditions of Use.
DAZN is the owner/licensor of all intellectual property rights relating to the Service provided (including all content). All material, including, without limitation, design, text, software, graphics, images and films received from the customer (and selections or reworkings thereof) are subject to the copyright of DAZN and/or others. In the event of a claim brought by a third party that DAZN's Service or the Customer's use of such Service infringes the intellectual property rights of a third party, DAZN (and not a third-party payment service provider) will undertake the investigation, defence, possible settlement and resolution of such claim.
The customer is obliged to:
(i) use the DAZN service exclusively for non-commercial purposes, without gaining any financial or other advantage, and not to allow third parties to use the DAZN service with the exception of members living together within the client’s household. The client may not be paid any fee for the viewing of the DAZN service, nor may the client use the service to induce others to purchase products, either from themselves or from third parties, or to access certain premises;
(ii) at any time, access the DAZN Service only through authorised devices. The password must be kept secure and not made accessible to third parties. The client acknowledges that the sharing of the password done for the purpose of allowing third parties to access the DAZN Service, in violation of the relevant Terms & Conditions, constitutes an illegal and fraudulent activity in relation to which DAZN reserves the right to resort to any action for its own protection, including compensation for damages;
(iii) not to copy, record or store all or part of the DAZN Service (other than to the extent permitted by DAZN in order to take advantage of the application's features), or to share, re-transmit, stream or otherwise distribute all (or part) of the content taken from the DAZN Service to third parties, or to authorise others to do so
(iv) not to alter or reverse engineer any of the features of the DAZN Service
(v) not to use the DAZN Service in circumstances which allow third parties to use the Service simultaneously; and
(vi) not to use the DAZN Service for illegitimate or unauthorised purposes (including, for example, the transmission of computer viruses through the Site, or the use of the Site in a manner which infringes the rights of third parties).
In addition to the provisions of Article 2.7 of the Contractual Conditions of Use, DAZN may suspend or block with immediate effect access to the Service, or revoke all promotions, offers or discounts related to access, if:
•    there are reasonable grounds for believing that:
•    the customer’s use of the DAZN Service is offensive or prejudicial to the interests of other subscribers; or
•    the customer has breached the above conditions; or
•    this is required by a regulator authority.
If possible, the customer will be informed in advance of such suspension or blocking. Such notification may, however, not always be possible.
Except as otherwise provided in any additional specific offers, the client is entitled to associate with his/her account up to a maximum of two supported devices and, if connected to his/her home internet network (cable or wi-fi: fiber, xDSL; FWA) he/she may also use them simultaneously to enjoy the DAZN Service; in all other cases, you may access the DAZN Service on a single device, without prejudice to the right to associate his/her account with up to a maximum of two supported devices. DAZN reserves the right, upon notice to the client, to introduce, for each month of the contractual term, a maximum number of times in which the client may change the devices associated with his/her account with other devices, subject to the maximum number of devices per offer. Exceptions will be possible in case of proven loss of devices (for example, through the submission of a corresponding report of loss or theft) which may allow the change even if the aforementioned monthly limit has been reached.
You agree that your login details are unique and cannot be shared with others; the client acknowledges that the violation of the above provisions constitutes an illegal and fraudulent activity in relation to which DAZN reserves the right to resort to any action for its own protection, including compensation for damages. These details may be changed at any time by accessing the DAZN website and clicking on the "My Account" page.
In order to use the DAZN Service you must be 18 years of age or older, i.e. the age of majority required by your state, province or territory of residence.
It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure the maintenance of hardware and software necessary for accessing, receiving and viewing the DAZN Service.
DAZN undertakes to use its best endeavours to ensure that the DAZN Service is always available and operational. However, the DAZN Service is provided under the current conditions, without further guarantees ("as is"), and, consequently, DAZN may not be held liable towards the client following the cancellation or interruption of an event, or the failure to broadcast a scheduled or advertised event, or the inability of the client to view an event on a specific device on the platform for reasons not attributable to DAZN.
DAZN may suspend the Service in order to carry out maintenance or updates. DAZN will endeavour to limit such interruptions.
In compliance with Resolutions nos. 179/03/CSP and 278/04/CSP, DAZN guarantees its customers the right to submit, at no additional cost, complaints and reports relating to malfunctions or inefficiencies of the Service, non-compliance with contractual clauses or this Service Charter, as well as the guaranteed quality levels.
Complaints may be lodged at any time in the following ways:
•    by contacting Customer Service
•    following the directions set-out in the reimbursement procedure available at the following link: https://www.dazn.com/it-IT/help/articles/refund-requests-it
•    by sending a communication to DAZN Limited, Piazza San Babila n. 3, 20122 Milan (MI).
In case of contact with the online Customer Service, the customer will receive an automatic email with the ticket number assigned to his request.
DAZN undertakes to assess the merits of the complaint and, where possible, to notify the customer of the outcome of its assessment within a reasonable period of time and in any event within two weeks.
Communications to the customer in relation to the ticket will be made by email.
If the complaint is upheld, DAZN will inform the customer of the measures taken to resolve the problems encountered. If a refund is due, this will be settled by crediting the first useful billing cycle.
At DAZN, we strongly believe in our customers' right to privacy - and this means that we apply strict controls to ensure that personal data is processed transparently and clearly.
Generally this means that the personal information we collect and the purposes for which it is processed are made clear, as it is only used for the purposes for which it was provided. However, in some cases complex processing is carried out - such as, for example, when recommendations are made on what content to watch. In these cases, we recommend that you refer to our Privacy Policy (URL: https://www.dazn.com/en-IT/help/articles/privacy-it) to find out details about what information we collect, how it is processed and for what purposes. The Privacy Policy also provides information on how you can exercise your rights.
The customer may contact DAZN about technical issues or any other reason by selecting the "Chat with us" option from our Help page or by using the following LINK (URL: https://dazn.com/help?chat=direct). The customer may be required to log in, provide email, home address, product details, payment information and, among other things, billing address to provide assistance or identify the subscription. It will be the responsibility of DAZN (and not the third-party payment service provider) to provide all necessary maintenance and support in relation to the Service provided.
In the case of a subscription to the Service, the Client shall immediately notify DAZN of any change in personal data, updating the same in the "My Account" section of the website or via the application.
Any communication from DAZN will be sent by e-mail to the most recent address communicated. DAZN will not be held responsible for the non-receipt of messages sent to the client.
If you contact Customer Service online you will receive an automatic email with your ticket number.
In accordance with Resolution no. 203/18/CONS ("Approval of the regulation on procedures for the resolution of disputes between users and electronic communications operators"), the resolution of potential disputes between users and DAZN is referred to AgCom. For more information, please visit: https://conciliaweb.agcom.it/conciliaweb/login.htm.
DAZN carries out a systematic survey and verification of its quality standards with the aim of continuous improvement of services rendered to customers. Service activation time: the activation of the streaming service is immediate, while all the features of the Service, including "My Account", will be available in about 6 minutes.
Online customer service response time: 72 hours.

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