What is the "Pause your account" feature?

What is the "Pause your account" feature?
If you would like to temporarily suspend your subscription, but intend to reactivate it in the future, pausing your account is the perfect functionality for you. If you choose this feature, your subscription will be suspended at the end of your current subscription period and you will be able to reactivate it on a date of your choice. During the suspension period you will not have access to DAZN and you will not be charged a subscription fee.

When can I use this feature?
-    If you have an active subscription, at the end of any ongoing free trial period.
-    If you opened an account online directly on the DAZN website and not through one of our commercial partners' offers.
-    If you paid for your subscription using a credit/debit card or PayPal. If you are currently paying for your subscription using any other payment method, you cannot pause your account.
-    If you paid for your subscription using Google Pay Services.

How do I pause my account  if I paid for my subscription using a credit/debit card, PayPal or a DAZN prepaid card?
To pause your account, follow these simple instructions:
•    Go to "My Account"
•    Click on "Pause and Suspend Payments"
•    Follow the process, enter the reactivation date and confirm

How do I pause my account if I paid for my subscription using Google Pay Services?

  1. Open the Google Play Store
  2. Click on the user icon at the top right
  3. Select "Payments and Subscriptions"
  4. Select "Subscriptions"
  5. Select DAZN
  6. Select "Pause Payments"
  7. Choose the length of the break (1, 2 or 3 months available)
  8. Press "Confirm"

After pausing my account, can I change/cancel the account reactivation date?
You can change the reactivation date whenever you want by going to "My Account".
Once your account is reactivated, your subscription will automatically be renewed each month at your subscription rate. You are free to cancel your subscription at any time.

Can I reactivate my account at any time?
Yes, when you access your account using your login details you can choose to reactivate your account at any time.

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