Former Tommy Fury opponent says Jake Paul 'would be competitive' against Canelo Alvarez

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JakePaul v TyronWoodley_1812

A fight between Canelo Alvarez and Jake Paul would be competitive. That’s the verdict from Anthony Taylor, a regular sparring partner of the popular Youtuber, who believes a fight between the high profile will happen one day. 

Consistently linked to huge events such as fights with Canelo, Tommy Fury, Conor McGregor and Mike Tyson, Paul is eager to prove himself as a legitimate fighter. Although a fight with Canelo appears to be a non-starter due to the gulf in class and experience, Taylor is insistent that the contest will take place at some point. 

“I think Jake Paul and Canelo will happen,” said Taylor when speaking to MyBettingSites. “I don't think it's just hype. I mean, we're talking about Jake in three years from now of course, not right now. Jake is good but imagine how much better he'll get in three years from today. He's only going to get better.  

“He's only going forward. Jake will be ten times better than Jake Paul of today. And he would be competitive. Canelo will be a Hall of Famer but give Jake a few years. Jake's a bigger guy, taller, longer than Canelo, but we can't disregard Canelo's skill set. Now Jake is still learning in this game. But give him a few years.”

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