System requirements and recommended devices

System requirements to watch DAZN are as written below:

Windows 8.1, Windows 10, Mac OSX or higher.

Web Browsers
DAZN is available on the latest version of most browsers, including Chrome, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.

Mobile Devices
iOS devices running 13.0 and above
※New app released on July 21th 2022 (v2.6.8) .

Android Devices running operating systems 5.0 and above
※New Android app released on July 18th 2022

Amazon Kindle Fire (Fourth generation or later which was released in 2014)
※Due to large variety of android devices, some devices may not be able to correctly play content through the app, even if the version is correct.
New App Release Notes (iOS, Android)

Game Console
・PlayStation® 4
・PlayStation® 4 Pro
・PlayStation® 5
・Xbox One
・Xbox One S
・Xbox One X
・Xbox Series X (L)
・Xbox Series S (R)
・Android TV(SONY and Sharp, etc.)
・Panasonic Smart TV (2014+)
*DAZN will no longer support non-supported Android TV™ from 10 March 2022.
・Sony’s Smart TV (2014+)
・Amazon Fire TV
・Fire TV Stick(Please use the power cable that is supplied with your device)
・Google Chromecast(Please use the power cable that is supplied with your device)
・Apple TV ( available 'Apple TV (4th generation)' and 'Apple TV 4K' )
・DIGA Blu-ray Disc Recorder(2016+)
・Hikari TV (ST-4500)
・Air Stick
・Air Stick 4K
・Docomo TV Terminal(STB)
※Click here for more details of devices.

Recommended Internet Connection speed 
DAZN provides high-quality video streaming. It automatically selects the best video quality available for your device and internet connection speed. Below are our recommendations for internet download speeds to watch sporting events on DAZN:

■ 2.0 Mbps: recommended internet download speed for SD resolution (Standard Definition). This speed is ok for watching sport on the go on your mobile phone.
■ 3.5 Mbps: recommended internet download speed for HD resolution (High Definition). This speed is good for watching sport on your mobile phone.

■ 6.0 Mbps: recommended internet download speed for HD resolution and high frame rates. If you’re watching sport on your TV, this is the minimum internet download speed we recommend.

■ 8.0 Mbps: recommended internet download speed for HD resolution, the highest video quality and high frame rates.

Important considerations when watching sport streamed over the internet:

1) Sometimes DAZN isn’t able to make the DAZN app use all of the available internet download speed. When this is the case you’ll need up to double the bandwidth stated to get the best quality.

2) When someone else on your network uses the internet, it will reduce the available bandwidth for you to watch sport on DAZN.

3) We do not support VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) or Proxys. Please remove these before attempting to watch DAZN.

Please also visit our Improving your network connection help article which offers you some quick fixed for the most common problems.

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