How do I watch DAZN on my TV?

There are many ways to enjoy DAZN contents on your TV. Please follow the steps below to start watching your favorite sport.

Smart TVs – Televisions with internet access
Smart TVs are televisions that can connect to the internet and use applications, just as you can on a smartphone or a tablet. With smart TVs that support DAZN, you will be able to watch our contents via DAZN app.
For supported smart TVs, please check here

Other ways to watch DAZN on your TV

Other ways to watch DAZN on your TV, please check here.

・Mirroring functionality on your TV
1. Displaying content from computer on TV
By using an HDMI cable, you are able to display the contents from your computer on a television.
You need to purchase HDMI cable
Your TV must support HDMI cable connection
Your Computer must support HDMI cable connection

2. Mirroring your iOS device on your TV
You can use a compatible HDMI connection kit to connect your device to your TV.
Please use an official Apple product to ensure the highest quality of streaming. 

3.Using Amazon Fire TV / Amazon Fire TV Stick
By connecting your TV to Amazon Fire TV or Amazon Fire TV Stick, you will be able to download the DAZN app on to your TV.
You will need an HDMI cable to use Amazon Fire TV and the Stick
4.Game Console
・PlayStation®4 Pro
・Xbox One
・Google Chromecast
・Apple TV ( available 'Apple TV (4th generation)' and 'Apple TV 4K' )
・Hikari TV ST-3400.
・Docomo TV Terminal(STB)

Please sign up for your 1 month free trial to start enjoying your favorite sport through your TV.
For more information about how to register, please check this.

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