DAZN Tickets (convenience stores)

~ How to purchase DAZN tickets at convenience store ~

DAZN tickets can be purchased through Lawson, MINISTOP, FamilyMart, Circle K Sunkus all over Japan.
Even if you do not have domestic issued credit cards or debit cards, you can enjoy DAZN by using DAZN tickets.

■Types and prices of DAZN Tickets 
DAZN tickets can be selected from the following 4 types. 
・ 1 month: ¥3,000 (incl. tax)
・ 3 months: ¥8,000 (incl. tax)
・ 6 months: ¥15,000 (incl. tax) 
・12 months: ¥27,000 (incl. tax)

* Cautionary Point 
Please note that we are unable to respond to suspension, or refund even you cancel subscription or pause account during viewing period.  

Please confirm the desired purchase method from below.

■ How to purchase at LAWSON and MINISTOP
■ How to purchase at FamilyMart
■ How to apply DAZN ticket

※If you have trouble registering your Gift Code, please also check our Gift Code FAQ page.

STEP 1: Select "Service Menu" from the menu.

STEP 2: Touch "Mobile / International prepaid / Internet money / QUO / Automobile / Insurance / Learning / Donation "button.

STEP 3: Select "Internet phone / Broadcast" from the category column displayed on the right side.

STEP 4: Select "DAZN Ticket"

STEP 5: From the carrier announcement screen, select "OK"

STEP 6: Select "DAZN Ticket"

STEP 7: After confirming the details, select "OK"

STEP 8: Final confirmation of purchase content and select "OK"

STEP 9: "The voucher with barcode" will be issued.
Please go to the cashier and pay the bill. You will get the DAZN ticket.

■ Family Mart (Multi-copier)
STEP 1: Select "Prepaid"

STEP 2: Select "Broadcast, Music, Magazine"

STEP 3: Select ”DAZN ticket”

STEP 4: Service start screen display.

STEP 5: After loading is complete, confirm the contents and select "OK"

STEP 6: Select ”DAZN ticket”

* If you select "①Details here", detailed information on the DAZN ticket will be displayed.

STEP 7: Select "Issue" from the final confirmation screen.

STEP 8: "Multi-Copier Service application ticket" will be issued.
Please go to the cashier and pay the bill. You will get the DAZN ticket.

■ How to apply DAZN ticket
STEP 1. Access www.dazn.com/redeem
STEP 2. Enter the code starting with "TG" and select "apply"
※Codes cannot be cancelled once they are applied.
STEP 3. Follow the onscreen instructions to complete the registration.

【Customers who cannot redeem the DAZN ticket】
・Users registered through DAZN for docomo
・Users that registered payment through Apple
・Users that registered payment through Amazon IAP (In-App Purchasing)
・Users that registered payment through Google Play Billing (In-App Purchasing)
・Users that registered through the SoftBank Special Discount Plan
・Users that currently have their account on ‘Pause’
・Users that currently have their account on ‘Annual Plan-Pay Over Time-’
・Users that registered through the Mobile Carrier Billing
・Users that registered payment through cable TV stations.
・Users registered through DAZN and au・UQ mobile Combined Offer
・Users that registered through the povo
・Users that registered through the Commufa Hikari
※If you are currently using the ‘Pause’ function, please contact DAZN Customer Services.

■ How can I confirm if I successfully redeemed my code?
Please check the “Next Charge Date” section on your My Account page.
If you have successfully redeemed the code, it will be reflected in your next charge date.

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